Tropical Getaway – Part 1

Our Tropical Getaway started as a whim and months ago. My daughters thought to go on a cheap week long break to Far North Queensland, my Hubby and I thought it sounded like a wonderful idea and we asked to come along too. As it turned out between lockdowns and other misadventures our planned trips to visit our youngest daughter in Queensland and her attempts to visit us in Melbourne were thwarted at every turn and we had not seen her in almost 2 years. So this trip was becoming increasingly special to us. Weeks of nervousness about our trip being cancelled, all came to ahead the week we actually did leave.

We got up at 3am to get to the airport by 5am for our 6am flight. From Melbourne to Cairns is about 3.5 hours, plus all the stuffing around with luggage, check-in, cars, and such. I didn’t sleep much the night before, you know that “I have to fall asleep because I have to get up early” – can’t sleep scenario? I was stressed about the trip, worried things would fall apart last minute and I was sure I’d forgotten to pack something…arrggg. So I was already so tired when we got there. Standing at the baggage carousel, my daughter spotted us and came to say Hi. Of course, I immediately burst into tears, happy tears. Social distancing my arse!!!! When I hadn’t seen my baby girl in that long I held onto her like a life buoy and wouldn’t let her go! Melbourne announced it’s lockdown from 6pm that night…we had escaped! We were a bit worried about places not letting us in, but that didn’t seem to bother anyone…we were in the clear! Time to enjoy our holiday.

After arriving and my scene at the airport, we got the bags, got our rental car and left the airport. Our first stop was Kuranda and some brunch. After leaving cold Melbourne it was so nice to feel warmth and the sun on my face. In fact it was quite hot…and humid.

Me and Hubby, taken at Palm Cove on our last day.

We spent another couple of hours wandering the shops and markets. Our last visit up North was maybe 9 years ago, our first holiday without the kids. We went to Port Douglas and had an amazing time. We visited Kuranda back then, took the steam train up and the sky rail back down. This time we drove. We spent a tonne of money on art, silver jewellery and leatherware, this time, hubby just bought a few belts. We took no photos, just enjoyed spending some time together as a family.

We then visited the Butterfly House and then Bird World, but I will do a separate post for them. We then drove back to Cairns (our base camp for the week), found our hotel and settled in. We had pre dinner drinks by the pool before going out for dinner, which became our ritual for the week. We would also have drinks or dessert or just coffee by the pool in the evenings and just be together. It was such a wonderful time. So many laughs. Dinner…well our favourite restaurant last trip was Rattle and Hum and they had one in Cairns too, so we had dinner there the first night and the 2nd and the 3rd lol.

View over the Valley from Barron Falls, Kuranda

So I will leave it here, need to edit more photos and relive some wonderful memories…

~ Julz