Monday’s Musings…

A bit of a mixed bag this week. A weeks or so back, we managed to finally escape Victoria and meet with our daughters in far north Queensland. I have already started sharing some images last week already, will sharing some more this week.

To be able to see my youngest daughter for the first time in two years was emotional and wonderful. Our weather was amazing, it was on average 26-28C and quite humid. One particular day it was 100% humid, everything was dripping – but it was a tropical rainforest! We had so many adventures, wait and see.

We were so lucky, Victoria went into lockdown the day after we left, and the lockout from other states happened the evening we came home, scraped it in with 30 minutes to spare. I was exhausted and relaxed at the same time. We spent several days with the kids, but we also let them do their own thing as well. We always met up for pre-dinner drinks by the pool to take about the days adventures and to just spend some lovely family time together. Here is just a few of our photos.

I guess I will leave it here now, not much else to say, no workshops, no shoots, Melbourne is still in lockdown, hopefully we will come out of lockdown on Wednesday and I can get back into the studio.

Have a great week and stay safe…

~ Julz