Tropical Getaway – Part 5

Our first full day in Cairns dawn hot and sunny and humid. We headed off for Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures. We had such a wonderful day here on our last visit way back when. Perhaps 9 years ago now. Reptiles, Croc attacked, birds of prey, snakes, creepy crawleys and more. We did a cruise and watched crocs jump out of water. We have both Fresh water and Salt Water Crocodiles here in Australia and they look quite different. Fresh water crocs have a long skinny snout and a quite skittish, more likely to run than attack. Salt water crocs on the other hand have and regularly do kill and attack people, animals and dogs, not to be toyed with.

To be honest, lots of things in Australia are deadly, they just usually stay out of everyone’s way. Typcial Aussies…don’t bother them and you’re good. Annoy them and you’re in big trouble lol.

The girls had their photo taken with koalas. I had them taken about 15 years or so ago. So they were quite young. We also had family portrait with a baby croc and a snake.

We had an amazing day, but it was exhausting. So many great memories to treasure.