Monday’s Musings…

On again, off again…one state after another goes back into lockdown. We’re not out of control, but we certainly are not UNDER control. Covid is like the gift that just keeps on giving isn’t it? Just when you think everything is under control – BAM! another variant. This Delta strain is making life difficult for everyone, especially in NSW. All other states are locking down tight but NSW they think they know better…guess what? It’s not working.

So meanwhile we can work…sort of. We can see family and friends…sort of. If I want to see family or friends we have to meet up for lunch or dinner or in a park, or at work. No one can enter anyone else’s home. Fortunately my studio is not IN my home, so I can work, but only with small numbers, so small it’s barely worth opening for workshops. I have had one small studio shoot, but at the moment we just have to wait.

So what have I been doing? Still finishing editing our holiday pics, still need to create my photo book. I have been playing arts and crafts in the studio. Trying my hand at making some accessories and props for an upcoming shoot. Making some more costumes, for yet another shoot. Juggling workshops and continually postponing them!!!!!!

Yesterday…finally. A studio shoot. This was on a whim. We got the old team back together Emma and Jess. We decided on iconic 1990s Madonna Vogue. Trickier than originally thought. But managed to find an old business suit, bought a cool new retro style vest. Jess had recently dyed her hair blonde again and Emma did some beautiful fingers waves and simple yet alluring makeup. It was wonderful to be able to chat (albeit social distancing with masks on) – no hugs šŸ˜¦

Madonna Vogue

Of course, we had Madonna on the stereo, from the 1980s and 1990s and loads of laughs. This is Jess’s first shoot back since baby Braxton was born…she looks pretty damn hot for a Mother of two, right?

This week…well I have no idea. Perhaps some Netflix and the couch? I have been watching Loki on Disney and Resident Alien (not sure on that one). My calendar is empty. I am sure something will come along. Meanwhile I will edit photos, create stuff, dream up shoots and wait…wait…wait.

I hope you all have a great week, whatever it is you do, stay safe…

~ Julz, xo

P.S. The suit Jess is wearing I used to wear for work approx 15 years ago…boy have I changed, lol