Monday’s Musings…

I don’t even know what to say anymore, another week of lockdown, perhaps more. It would have been Dad’s 84th birthday on Saturday. We originally wanted to do a memorial service for his birthday, THAT never happened. We are looking to a 1 year anniversary, but they way things are going that might not happen either. It’s sad, but what can we do?

I did managed to sneak in one shoot before we went into lockdown, but still postponing all my workshops, driving me crazy, but then I am not alone and there are those doing far worse than I.

Still I find myself, get less and less enthused about stuff. Although I did have one bright spark for the week, I went through and grabbed about 35 costumes that never get used and did a big online sale. Trust me that kept me busy for a few days. Seriously still have some more to get rid of though – so much stuff.

So I spend my days, writing, shooting and watching Netflix, Pirates of the Caribbean this week – on the 4th movie – the one with the mermaids. Hubby and I have just watched The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and Loki…honestly not sure what all the fuss was about. They were OK but not brilliant. I think marvel are losing their edge…or is that just me?

My eldest daughter turned 30, kind of scary really. The flowers behind Dexter below were from her boss, which was really nice. Plus some chocolates and gift cards. I got the flowers lol. Dexter was happy…he loves flowers

Dexter – “R U OK?”

Can you believe Cairns, where we were only a few weeks =back is NOW a Covid hotspot? It seems so remote and it FELT so far away from all that, they now have a mystery case who was in the public for 10 days, so bye bye safety and security of far North Queensland, I hope they all stay safe.

So that’s it really. I will continue to share the beautiful photos of our trip up North, so beautiful. I will share my 1990s Madonna Vogue inspired shoot, soon, as well as some other stuff from the studio. I just hope I can one day get back to regular teaching and shooting.

I need to get off my butt and focus on stuff, but it’s getting hard. Stay safe, stay sane…

~ Julz, xo