Tropical Getaway – Part 10

On our return from Cape Tribulation we stopped off at Mossman Gorge, quite incredible, but also VERY touristy. People everywhere! There is a little shuttle bus that runs from the tourist centre down to the falls, which was quite welcome by me as it is a 4km hike! Sadly there were people swimming everywhere. They say it is crocodile free, and probably is from all the splashing and noise!

Still, if you walk away from the main section a bit, you can find some people free spots, still noisy, but the water lapping over the stones helps. Pretty spots, nice walk with lots of boardwalks these days. Not what I pictured with so many people. I prefer a less populated scene. But you can’t go all that way without seeing it, I suppose. I preferred Babinda Boulders to be honest.

~ Julz