Tropical Getaway – Part 11

Day 5 of our holiday again sees us away from the kids, as we journey back to the Atherton Tablelands and more waterfalls. The kids went on a high tree climb and some other sporty stuff and loads of clothes shopping, and they call us boring lol. A lovely drive took us back into the high country, much cooler about 22C and lower humidity, very pleasant indeed. Which is just as well as I spent more time hiking this day.

Lake Eacham & Malanda Falls

We drove out to Lake Eacham for a pitstop, I didn’t take any photos as it was rather unexciting, but they have a local resident fresh water crocodile, who they claim is quite harmless if you leave him alone. Personally I would not swim with ANY Crocodile! But there were people in there swimming. No we saw no sign of the croc. We then stopped at Malanda Falls a pretty little spot, virtually croc free due to the water course and they have concreted the pool at the base of the waterfall and made a pool, there are ladders and pathways as well as a lovely grassy areas for picnic. We pretty much had the place to ourselves, so we set up tripods and took some long exposure images.

Our next stop was Milaa Milaa Falls, we had actually visited it a few days before, but so many people, and we didn’t take our tripods. Also we parked at the top carpark and walked down, this time we took the disabled access and parked at the falls…much nicer on my hips and knees!

We had a lovely lunch in the little town of Milaa Milla too. Again due to the water course these waterfalls are reportedly croc free. We did visit a few spots that had warning signs up. I wasn’t keen on taking long exposure shots in areas well known for croc sightings!

~ Julz