Tropical Getaway – Part 12

We are slowly getting to the tail end of our trip, but by no means the end of the photos! Out next stop was Mount Hypipamee National Park. There is a crater, waterfalls and cascades. We also stopped at Lake Eacham on the way in. Honestly not that exciting apart from the fact that they have a local fresh water crocodile, but people were still swimming! I didn’t take any photos I don’t think.

Located high on the southern Evelyn Tableland, in the Hugh Nelson Range, this park is centred around a diatreme or volcanic pipe, thought to have been created by a massive gas explosion. A platform at the end of a 400m walking track through the rainforest provides an uninterrupted view of the remaining crater. The crater is almost 70m across with sheer granite walls 58 metres below the rim is a lake over 70m deep, covered with a green layer of native waterweed. Rather eerie. I believe some people may have dived here are various times to explore.

From here we chose to walk (although climb may be more accurate in spots) to the waterfalls and cascades. It was very beautiful and such lovely falls. But I am still suffering the after affects of a small fall Hubby and I took while trying to get down a step, although truthfully an embankment, which was much higher than either of us anticipated. Nothing broken, just jarred and sore. I think I twisted my knee again 😦

We spent a great deal of time here, recovering and enjoying having the falls all to ourselves. Peace, tranquillity. The noises of the rainforest accompanied by the soft babble of the waterfall and cascades. It was quite a bit cooler down there. When we did leave we drove up to the lookout at the top of the Evelyn Ranges.

Such a pretty vista, by now it was getting quite late in the day and we had done a LOT of walking and driving. We needed to head back to Cairns and meet the kids for predinner drinks. We were so tired we ended up not only with pre dinner drinks by the pool, but dinner by the pool as well.

This was sadly our last full day here in Cairns, but we weren’t quite finished yet!

I’ll be back soon with our last few stops…

~ Julz