Tropical Getaway – Part 13

Woke up so stiff and sore from our adventures the previous day. We only had half a day with our youngest daughter as her flight left just after lunch, whereas our didn’t leave til that night. We packed up our gear and packed the car. We decided to keep fairly close to Cairns, as much as we didn’t want to say goodbye, we didn’t really want our daughter to miss her flight, either.

We decided as we were actually in Cairns, perhaps we should at least visit the beach once. To be honest not very exciting. Especially when the tide is out, it’s a long way to walk through mud to to find water. And Yes Croc Warning signs here too.

We visited the Cairns Botanical Gardens. Well part of it any way. I really wanted to see the orchid hothouse, so many beautiful plants and flowers.

Sadly by now it was time to head to the airport for some teary fair wells with our daughter. It had been almost 2 year since we had seen her and I didn’t want our holiday to end, I know no-one ever does, but when you don’t know WHEN you will get to see your baby girl again, makes it doubly hard.

After dropping her off…we decided to drive to two places we had been past but not stopped at; Palm Cove and Cattana Wetlands. So I leave it here for now and will be back tomorrow with our last photos from our trip.

~ Julz