Tropical Getaways – Part 14

Sadly, this is the last part of our tropical getaway. We left our youngest daughter at the airport to catch her flight back to Brisbane. We then headed out to Palm Cove for a look and wander around, but also for a late lunch. We found a café along the esplanade and had a lovely lunch watching the crowds go by. This really is the epitome of far north Queensland beaches and beach towns. We loved Port Douglas, sure, but the beach is now where near as pretty. Still can’t swim for most of the year, but my daughter still went and stood on the water’s edge. I mean you can’t go all that way and no at least get your feet wet.

We walked along the esplanade and out to the pier, watch kids playing and just enjoyed the view and the warmth and sunshine.

Finally as the day was starting to get a bit late, we slowly made our way back to Cairns. We stopped off at Cattana Wetlands for a bit of a wander. Honestly if this isn’t crocodile country I don’t know what is! Thankfully we saw none, but there are warning signs everywhere. Lovely spot for a walk, with pretty little ponds beside walking/cycling/running tracks.

By now it really was late in the day and we had a LONG evening ahead of us. We drove back to the airport, dropped off the car, checked in, had some dinner – there was even a Rattle ‘N’ Hum at the airport. Honestly it’s been weeks and I still can’t look at a pizza, we had SO much pizza this trip!

It was so weird the airport, was so quiet, so many flights being cancelled. We had a nervous wait to see if ours was still going ahead. Melbourne had gone into extended lockdown and all Victorians were told to be home before midnight, as they were closing the borders! Our flight took off, eventually and we landed in Victoria at 11.40pm the airport was EMPTY, not a soul in sight, not even security. We made our way out. The parking company were waiting for us, so we could get our car and they could lockup and go home. No further flights were landing. It was surreal. Like something out of a movie. The roads were virtually empty, which at least meant a quick trip home. Finally about 1.30am we managed to get in the front door to some very happy animals.

That is were I leave our Tropical Getaway. it was a wonderful adventure we shared with our daughters. Hopefully not our last family holiday. We spent time with the girls and time apart. Everyone got something out of the trip. We had warm and sunshine and lovely weather. Pretty sights and vistas, a few waterfalls, exotic plants and animals, a few thrills and spills…and way too much food and drink lol.

Our next trip is completely up in the air, but hopefully not too far off, just local…I doubt we will even get out of the State again, we’ve been lucky so far with two trips this year.

~ Julz