Monday’s Musings…

What can I say? Another week of lockdowns, another week of relying on the internet for pretty much everything. Which was interesting when we lost it for a day last week. I watched DVDs and played in the studio for a bit. I have had a week of online presentations this week, ahhh where would we be without Zoom?


But apart from that not much to report at all. Pretty sad really…

I have decided that these continuous lockdowns are isolating not just physically but emotionally (I guess many of you wont be surprised there). I am finding that motivation is hard to summon, when you can’t really do anything much. Sad when running to the shops for butter and loo paper are the highlight of your week. I have plenty to keep me entertained, which is far better than some people, but I find it difficult to ‘do’ anything. I fear for younger generations and how they will be able to socially interact in the future, after growing up so isolated.

I find myself losing copious amounts of time on TikTok and YouTube and IG Reels and such, on silly things really, that temporarily entertain us. Our attention spans are shrinking and I can’t say that this is a good thing, not at all.

I mean it’s not all doom and gloom, but it is frustrating, especially when most of us are trying to do the right things, the safe thing and so many idiots are doing the wrong thing, for the wrong reasons. Anyway…that’s my thoughts for the week.

I hope you are all doing OK and being safe?

~ Julz, xo