Getting Creative – Omni Filters

You may not of heard of Lens Baby, they are a range of creative lens for cameras. Soft and blurry and often surreal. Not for ‘serious’ photographer, but more for the creative elements…like me, I have played with them, but have still not bought any. I am kind of sitting on the fence into purchasing one.

They did bring out a range of creative filters that attach to a regular lens, but still gives a very creative element. I bought a set and have played with them. Maybe not as much as I should, but still. So while I can’t really do much else I figured it was a good time to experiment.

When shooting into the light it gives rainbows and refraction and reflections. There is subtle blur and bokeh. There is also some colour aberration which is kind of pretty.

Then the Lens Baby people came out with the Colour Expansion Pack, which I received last week. Finally we got some decent weather so I could play outside in the garden. How cool are these? So the kit comes with little crystal prism wans that attach to an adaptor with magnets and you can swivel them to catch the sun.

There are also some Lumi Film strips you can connect for weird colour cast and blur. It also gives a double exposure look. Looks like an under water world, 60s sci-fi. Surreal vintage or retro looked image.

Granted not for everyone, but it is interesting to play with. I’d like to try some with some models, maybe in the studio…or at night with street light, could be fun and futuristic.

~ Julz