Share your world – 24th August 2021

Another week, another round of SYW questions…can’t really add more nothing and I mean nothing is really happening at the moment!


Can you parallel park (if you drive)?   If you don’t drive, can you still skip? Sure I can parallel park, especially with my current car, Subaru Forrester. The reversing camera and sensors make it really easy. And no, I don’t think I can skip these days lol

Do you prefer early morning or late evening?  Or something in between? Honestly not much of a morning person. I’m not really brilliant late at night either. Although I do like the peace, quiet and solitude both offer. I am more of a mid afternoon kind of person I think.

Do you like avocados? LOVE THEM, we eat them almost every day.

Is mind or matter more real? If I don’t mind, you don’t matter? lol Not sure on this one, sometimes you can think something is totally real, or totally happened but it’s all in your mind…so I guess matter, as in physical matter is more real?

Are people in this current generation less or more sensitive than people from past generations? The Snowflake generation? WAY TOO OVER SENSITIVE. They take offense at everything. Grow up get a life, stop being woosies! THERE I said it.


Please feel free to share something inspiring that’s happened to you recently!

I’m not entirely sure about inspiring, but I did have two totally awesome Zoom presentations, one for a local camera club and one for a local Sony camera club. It was exciting and engaging and enthusiastic, so that’s a good thing. People enjoy my work and my knowledge and always ask a lot of follow up questions, which makes for a entertaining meeting.

Rosella Lorikeets

So that’s about it for this week, not much else to say…

~ Julz