It’s nearly Spring

I actually left the house, last week and spotted some of the Prunus trees were already in bloom. I had to grab some smaller branches or twiglets (?) and take them home to shoot. I decided to set up three different looks. I set up my black seamless background, placed a black stool. I also shot with studio light. My Godox AD400 on 1/32 power with a 90cm Octobox to soften and diffuse the light, angled down on my scene.

The first one was was a small black vase and soft pink cheesecloth, then swapped out the small black vase for a blue and white bud vase and white cotton. Finally I did a flat lay on the floor with a tea cups and Tyvek backdrop. So, so pretty right?

It’s kind of refreshing to pare things back and keep everything simple. I also did some behind the scenes setup videos for TikTok and my IG Reels. Everything seems to be going to video these days, it doesn’t mean still photos are dead.

~ Jule