Monday Musings…

Another week in lockdown, which we have just found out is being extended…again. Frustrating but what can you do? I am again postponing all planned events Another month. Arrgg!

I guess my only excitement is a raft of online classes and presentations on all sorts of topics. I am running a few more, as well as a new six week Lightroom class starting this week. That has me on my toes and a little bit excited!

I am also booked in to finally have my second Covid vaccine tomorrow. Not that the first was fun, but they say the second isn’t as bad, so fingers crossed. I wasn’t really sick or anything just felt blah for a few days and had a sore arm.

I have been playing in the studio and just pottering around. I am in the midst of creating yet another online class. They are fun to create and help make a little bit of money, so that’s a good thing.

Red Ranunculus

I picked up some red and white ranunculi this week and have been having fun with those. Not much else to report…

Stay safe

~Julz, xo