Wilson Gardens with a Lens baby Velvet 56

I recently bought myself some new lenses and after sitting on the fence for a long time, I bought the Lens baby Velvet 56, I also got a Composer ii and Sweet 80. I have also had the Omni Creative filters in the past as well. The Velvet 56 is my latest and I instantly fell in love with it, but was getting a bit bored in the backyard. So it’s been really nice to visit a few local gardens.

Why a Velvet56? It’s a lovely creative art style lens, it is all completely manual in focus and aperture. Velvet’s a synonymous with that gorgeous velvety blur with a swirly affect on the edges.

It’s a bit of a learning curve, but lots of fun. I really want to play with some larger blooms like dahlia or peony, but am yet to find some. It was lovely to finally capture some wisteria in bloom as well.

~ Julz