Exploring my backyard with a Lensbaby Sweet 80

After sitting on the fence for a number of years, I finally bought myself two Lensbaby lenses. The first to arrive and I managed to play with was the Sweet 80. I must confess to their being a bit of a learning curve here. manual focus and aperture, also I could not get as close as I wanted to and ended up using an extension tube, of course the extension tube made getting focus even harder.

I think the thing with the Lensbaby Lenses is to suspend yo9ur technical photographic brain and switch purely to the creative. It is a creative art lens after all, and you need to forget a little about sharp focus and various technical specs and look for what looks good in your eye. I fell in love with a cordyline plant in my backyard, and a few other plants as well, but longed for some flowers as well.

The images above are the cordyline, my protea is in bloom as well

I adore the swirly bokeh that you can obtain with the Lensbaby, nothing else really comes close. I am looking forward to trying it with some portraits, now I bet that will be challenging.

~ Julz