Playing in the studio with lights

I recently spent a cold wet afternoon in the studio with Hubby and the dogs, he had agreed to sit for me so I could play with some different lighting effects. Mostly it was for a series of articles I wrote for I won’t go into all the specifics, you can read the article (if you like).

Once we we’d done all the main shots and behinds the scenes etc, I think Dexter was getting jealous he wasn’t my model and really wanted to be in the photos too. So I took some totally gorgeous shots of Hubby with Dexter. And then even Chloe (who is notoriously camera shy) wanted a shot too. These are images we will cherish for years to come, so glad I was able to capture them so beautiful. Especially Chloe, she is really starting to feel her age and her health is failing. Heart problems. So I will take every opportunity I can to capture her happy.