Light Painting Workshop

Finally…we managed to lift lockdown and started back in the studio with workshops! YAY before I could run anything new, I had to play catch up on all the workshops that had been postponed, again and again…

The first cab off the rank was Light Painting with Still Life. Sadly due to continuous date changes the new dates didn’t suit everyone booked in, but we still had a great turnout on a cold, wet and miserable Saturday afternoon. We had four stations set up with different scenes, I taught everyone the technique and then we got down to practising. With four scenes to capture, there was plenty for everyone, even me.

I also launched a brand new self-paced online class, so people can learn this technique who can’t visit me. The attendees from the workshop also received a copy as well…aren’t I sweet?

Want to check out the class yourself? Check here

It felt so good to be back doing what I love! November is all about catching up for me, so stay tuned.

~ Julz, xo