Diamonds workshop

The last creative portrait workshop I ran for 2021 was the much-awaited and many times postponed Marilyn Monroe inspired workshop. Model Jess was born for this role, however, we had a slight hiccup in the fact that she was actually 20 weeks pregnant by the time we got around to running this workshop! The tight slinky pink dress didn’t fit quite so well. We did have loads of fun and played with lighting and backdrops and high-speed sync by throwing lots of stuff around and capturing the action; fake diamonds, petals, gold coins, confetti, playing cards.

I also snuck Dexter in for a quick shoot, before everyone arrived…had to have a Gentleman to prefer a blonde lol. If you’d like to check out the original images we shot for this workshops…way back when, you can check them out here

So that was my last workshop for 2021, I still had Christmas mini sessions for dogs and families.

~ Julz