Cranbourne Gardens Pt 1

I have been spending quite a bit of time lately exploring my local gardens, I have three, in particular, I love to visit for the flora and fauna, Cranbourne Gardens or Australia Gardens is uniquely Australian Natives, birds, flowers, trees and animals. It’s free to enter, which makes it a great cheap day out. The cafe makes a great latte…so it really is a win-win. We (hubby & I) recently spent a morning here with our Lensbabies…we bought him one as well. Technically it’s his Christmas present, but he had to make sure it works, right? I also had to teach him.

I bought him a Composer Pro II and an Edge50, so we can swap between the Sweet80 and the Edge between us. The Velvet is all mine as it is Sony only, and he shoots Nikon. So the below images are a mix of Sweet80, Edge50 and Velvet56.

These are just some random shots of random flowers, not even 100% sure what they all are. We saw no bandicoots, not that we probably could have shot them with the set-up we had (for macro). We did see some birds but was more interested in flowers.

~ Julz