The River of Lost Souls

The River of Lost Souls

I had no real idea of what I was to create when I took the original photos used in this piece, any of them. But it was late at night and I had been reading Warheart by Terry Goodkind, and this image kind of struck me about the Lost Souls and rooms of safety where they can rest. This river and the ferns kind of reminded me of that and Emily with the mirror collecting them and popping them somewhere safe.

It might sound like complete nonsense to some (and perhaps it is), but it kind of had this calm, serene yet haunting quality about it.

I have not really created much digital art lately, so it was kind of nice to just sit down and play over the holidays. Not my most sensational piece, for sure. But I kind of like it, could see it as a book cover or something.

~ Julz, xo