Paper Daisies

I have a bit of a confession to make. I adore flowers and every time I photograph something, that seems to be my current favourite. I like so many different varieties, it’s hard to just pick one. There are a few I am not huge fans of, like carnations, stock and a few others, it doesn’t mean I won’t shoot them, I just prefer to shoot one or two of my favourites. One of which is Everlasting Daisies, or paper daisies as they are sometimes known.

These are actually a pretty amazing flower, come in a variety of colours (but usually yellows and whites) and are a terrific cut flower as well as they last for ages. Even dried they look beautiful.

I took these images recently when I took a friend to Australia Gardens. I have been so many times lately, but she is now six weeks post-op from a hip replacement and this was her first trip out of the house (apart from seeing the surgeon). So we celebrated by walking the quiet, even tracks and paths at the gardens. No steps (or very few) and nice and flat. Plus you get to see all the lovely plants and birds. I took my macro lens and we just walked and chatted.

I’ll be back soon with some other flower obsessions…

~ Julz