Kangaroo Paw

Kangaroo Paw is a weird little flower, named for its likeness to Kangaroo Paws (as in the animal). I think they are so pretty and so structural, We have several in our own gardens, but only a few are really abundant. The common red one (which we have) is fairly easy to grow, the yellow and others we have found are much more difficult.

I took a friend to Australia Gardens to visit, it’s such a nice place to go for a walk and chat and admire the scenery. I have been there so many times of late. I adore their display of kangaroo paw. I had hoped the beautiful mauve and mint green ones would still be there from last time, and they were. But sadly, have lost all that gorgeous colour.

It started out as such a lovely overcast day, perfect for photography. I took my macro lens and snapped a few as we walked and talked. As you do.

~ Julz