Weekend getaway – day one

We recently managed to spend a long weekend with my daughter in Ipswich (Queensland). Due to Covid I have not been able to get to her house in Ipswich. She move in Dec 2019 and we were going to visit in Feb 2020…but you all know what happened. So I have not seen her newly built house. I did manage to see her on a family holiday in July last year, but she met us in Cairns. We got lucky in between lockdowns. But apart from that, I hadn’t seen her in ages.

So our first day really involved getting there, driving to the airport, dropping off the car, checking in baggage, flying, landing and repeating in reverse. Then there was the catchup, the hugs, meeting her new partner face to face for the first time. The house tour, such a lovely house – I want her butler’s pantry – amazing!

Then there were hugs with our grand(fur)child Kira a 4-year-old Leonberger, just a small dog at 50+kg! and the new baby Toby. 13-weeks old and already weighing 20kg he’s going to be a BIG boy. I took a backdrop up and we took the dogs into the backyard for an impromptu photos shoot.

Oh and Malfy the cat, can’t forget Malfy. He is a 4-year-old Russian Blue. We just spent what was left of the afternoon chatting and then out for dinner…so no other images to show apart from my furbabies.

~ Julz