Weekend getaway day four

This was our last full day in Queensland for this trip, we headed out to Cedar Creek Falls, at Mount Tamborine. We attempted to come here the other day, but so busy. We came much earlier this time. I manage to make it to the top lookout, Hubby walked to the bottom. I opted to stay up top and photograph the wildflowers and such. It was a long steep walk down, but people were swimming at the bottom…it did look very inviting.

Next, we headed to Curtis Creek Falls, at Curtis Creek. A word to the wise, don’t park at the cafe, go to the main car park. There is more parking and it is less of a walk, we found out the hard way! It is muddy and slippery, it is actually on a bit of a slope and has lots of stairs. I gave up about halfway, sad but true, my knees just weren’t coping.

We found these amazing flowers everywhere on the side of the road, at first I thought they were giant grevillea, but just not sure. Google was no help, if you know what it is, please let me know.

We drove to the look out, hang-glider jump off, no hang-gliders this day, lovely view…lots of storm clouds coming in

After lunch, we headed off to Springbrook National Park and The Natural Bridge. We have been there before, but not with so much water flowing! We got lovely and wet (which was nice and cool), until the long walk back up. There are LOTS of stairs here, but I really thought I could do it, nice even steps, not slippery and handrails most of the way. I did it, but was exhausted and in pain by the time I was done. Not to mention soaked to the skin in sweat, sorry…but it is a tropical rainforest and VERY hot and humid!

By the time we made it back to the car, I was done in and we headed back to my daughter’s house for some takeaway and our last night together.

The next morning we said our goodbyes and headed off to the airport, drop off the hire-car, and bags, board the plane…you know the rest. We were welcomed home to Melbourne by sticking hot and humid weather…it had been so much nicer in Queensland, weird right?

Stay tuned for our next adventure, it won’t be too far away.

~ Julz