In the studio – Moulin Rouge showgirl

It’s been a minute since I had Emily in front of the camera. Well up until recently I haven’t really had anyone in front of the camera, apart from the dog. So it was so nice to have a catchup and shoot this little Moulin Rouge showgirl inspired set. Moulin Rouge the musical is in town here, I am yet to see it, but I do have tickets!

We are also running this theme as our workshop for this weekend…

Add some music from Moulin Rouge, Burlesque, throw in some kicks and twirls and a whole lot of laughs. Sometimes I think my job is a little too much fun to be taken seriously…lol

Just as well Emily does some dance stuff…I know I could never get my foot up high (she got it higher – I just wasn’t quick enough to capture it lol).

~ Julz