Share your world – 22nd Feb 2022

22222 – weird, I should have started writing at 22:22pm, oh well. To be honest it’s been a shit bag of a week, with a few highs thrown in, just to keep me off balance. I might go into it all one day…but not today. It’s been a crazy week, a real emotional roller coaster. Can’t sleep as the brain just won’t shut off. But so much work it’s ridiculous. Feel a bit like a sleepwalker. Then it gets to 11pm and I’m wide awake again – hence why I’m writing this. Everyone else is asleep in bed and it’s too quiet.

This week’s SYW questions


What’s the most useful thing you know? How to call Autocare to change a flat tyre/battery? I really don’t know what else to say, I know lots, but then there are lots I don’t???

What impact do you think it would have on the world if bananas were illegal? WOW, that’s a scary thought. I eat quite a lot of bananas, you know good for potassium and all that. A while back we had a banana shortage due to cyclones hitting the banana region, it was horrible. So expensive and so hard to get!

What social stigma does society need to just get over? Mental health. End of story.

Do you prefer the moral viewpoint of consequentialism*, which focuses on the consequences of actions, or deontology,*  which focuses on the innate rightness or wrongness of the actions themselves?  I think I prefer people who did things for the right or moral reasons in the first place. It’s all very well being made to pay the consequences, but the damage has been done, right? But then I also believe a broken cookie has no calories so it’s OK to eat it!!!!!! LOL

noun: consequentialism
* the doctrine that the morality of an action is to be judged solely by its consequences.

* the study of the nature of duty and obligation.


After many years of certain people beating me down, making me second guess myself, I was finally understood and believed. Perhaps to many of you that make no sense, but when you deal with a toxic person, even on the outer edges, people on the outside don’t always see it. This week many have. I feel grateful to be finally heard, and supported.

It’s not much, but perhaps it will bring you joy

I hope you all have a calm & peaceful week…