Creative Portraits – Sirens

Last year, I did a fine art shoot with a model in a bathtub. I commented at the time I would love to get a mermaid in that tub! I am a big believer in asking for what you want and the universe will get it for you (well within reason – I still don’t have the lotto numbers!). Not long after that one of my models Emily, bought a full mermaid outfit, tail, corset and headpiece!!!!!!

It was then just a matter of waiting til we got out of lockdown, found a team and found a date we could all get together. Easier said than done, but finally…it all came together.


  • Model – Emily Reinhard
  • Makeup – Em Mrietta
  • Studio – Sue Masterson (Ballarat)

I wanted to go a little dark and creepy and makeup Em was only too happy to make that happen. We spent hours staging the ‘treasure room’ while Emily was in makeup. We shot for hours, till we were all exhausted. But oh so happy.

I love that I can create these fabulous ideas and literally will them to happen. Capturing my daydreams on camera. Such a euphoric feeling. Gees, now I sound like a snob!!!!!! hahaha

Have a wonderful day…

~ Julz, xo