Road Trip – South Australia Pt 5

Little did we know just HOW long we would be sitting in the car today! Boy talk about a numb bum!

Counamont & Purnong

So we headed out to Counamont on the Murray River, stopping for a ruin or two here and there. We caught the old ferry across the Murray River and headed up to Karoonda – a three-hour drive away on dirt roads, with VERY little to look at on the way…I mean VERY LITTLE.


We finally made it to Karoonda and checked out the Silo Art. They have both a daytime and a nighttime view, with a light show displayed on the silos at night, we were on a strict schedule so we’d have to miss the night session. We grabbed some lunch and then fuel and headed back out on the open road again.


After another few hours on the road, mostly dirt, then some bitumen more ruins and trucks, we made it back into Victoria. It had been a super long day. Sadly by the time we made it to Kaniva all the shops were shut and we couldn’t even find a coffee!!!!!! But we did stop for the Silo Art here.


A few quick photo stops and then we finally made it to Dimboola in country Victoria late in the day, grabbed our room key for the only motel in town and, drove out to Little Desert, just as the sun was setting. My plan was to be there a little bit earlier, but we still managed to see a few kangaroos. It was so dry, I think many of the roos have moved on to greener pastures until the Spring?

By the time we got back to town, it was late and dark, we had missed the most amazing sunset, as we were in the forest, but caught glimpses of it. We headed to the only hotel for dinner, which was not totally fabulous, to be honest. By now I was getting quite stiff and sore, we had spent about 8 hours sitting in the car and really needed a laydown!

~ Julz