Wild at Heart

“If you are truly wild at heart, you’ll fight for your dreams.”

I love how an idea comes about…Andrea and Teighan and myself were chatting during a hair and makeup session on a totally different shoot months ago and were chatting about the 1960’s Mod shoot we did last year and the mess Andrea had from the Beehive hairdo. She showed us a photo and it kind of looked like a bird’s nest. I said that would be awesome a crazy bird lady/scarecrow…but more a fashion type thing. They were both…cool count us in.

Until I was editing it, it was just the birdy shoot thing lol…but then I saw what I had captured and the title just happened.

We had planned on an outdoor shoot, we had not done any in so long. My Plan A spot was way too busy so we found a plan B which was just perfect. I took a buggy full of props and we shot for ages…I took way too many photos and loved all of them!

Model – Andrea Gardiner

HMUA – Teighan Felton