Taking the show on the road – Bairnsdale

During the pandemic, I did a LOT of demonstrations and presentations for camera clubs, all over the place. It was a great way to connect, make money, and share with a new audience. Now that the lockdowns are over I have been asked to visit some of these rural areas in person. I visited Ballarat a month or so ago and this time around we went to Bairnsdale in East Gippsland, Victoria. I have not been there for years, so it was nice to also spend a few days exploring the area. I will share those pics in other posts.

The Art of Still Life

My first workshop was a still life workshop, I was hosted by Kelly from Albatross Photography at her portrait studio. I met Kelly a few years ago at a photographic conference and we have kept in touch, on and off since then. Lots of fabulous natural light, but I also took my own lights as well.

Just a few photos I managed to capture during and before the class started.

A little look behind the scenes, photos thanks to Kelly

Granted it was only a small class, but it’s a matter of getting the name out there, right? We had a lovely afternoon in the beautiful Autumn sunshine streaming in through the windows. I had LED lights with me, but we didn’t really need them.

Presentation & Demonstration

I also did a presentation, followed by a demonstration for the East Gippsland Photographic Society on Still Life and Light Painting. Sadly due to some technical difficulties, we were running quite late and members didn’t get to try their hand. I had brought lots of props and set up three stations, which never really got used. Oh well, everyone seemed to enjoy it and I met lots of people and answered many questions.

Sadly I don’t think there were any photos taken 😦

I also ran a photo walk at the Sale Botanic Gardens, but I will save that for another post.

~ Julz