East Gippsland Adventure – Part 3

After our photo walks through the Sale Botanic Gardens for the group meetup, we headed off for a few hours of doing some exploring…

Latrobe Swing Bridge

We headed out to the Latrobe Swing Bridge, sadly the Swing Bridge is currently not in use, apart from emergency services, so we never saw it open, but such a lovely area. We also spotted some street art on the bridge underpass.

Trinculo Wreck

At Golden beach, which forms part of 90 Mile Beach in East Gippsland you can find the wreck of the Trinculo. There is that much left of it these days, but it was an interesting spot to visit and explore this part of the coast.

We had a bit of a quest this trip, looking for old trestle bridges. There is a lot that formed the Gippsland Rail Trail, mostly collapsed and fallen into disrepair…like this one. Found at the end of Fresh Hole Road, what an awful name. Reminded me of something out of a horror film, lol. We did get a rather pretty sunset though, so not a total loss.

Well, I’ll leave it here for now…

~ Julz