East Gippsland Adventure – Part 4

Our hunt for old trestle bridges continued as we made our way further up the coast to Cape Conran. This was a bucket list item for me and we headed to a few various spots including Sailors Grave Beach and Salmon Rocks. Of course, Salmon Rocks Road was closed the week we were there!! I however managed to get to it by crossing from the boat ramp – phew…

Sailors Grave Beach

Salmon Rocks

Named I am assuming for the colour of the rocks. Must be amazing during sunset while wet?

Wairewa Trestle Bridge

Stony Creek Trestle Bridge

Our hunt for old bridges continued…

Costicks Weir

Seriously, should have been called Caustic Weir, didn’t look very nice, not much water, smelled bad and loads of mosquitos – we didn’t stay here very long. It actually took longer to get there, than we stayed lol. To be honest the photos make it look better than it was.

We spotted all sorts of interesting things during our exploring as well…

Mossiface Hop Kiln

This next one was not even on our list. I was looking for a florist in Bairnsdale and came across a Facebook page, which had photos of this…I did a quick search and discovered this old Hop Kiln in Mossiface. We found it right near the end of the day…such lovely light.

Well, I’ll leave it here for now…

~ Julz