East Gippsland Adventure – Part 5

Day Five turned out to be a day of disappointments. I guess it has to happen occasionally. We drove out to Walhalla. A quaint old mining town up in the Alpine Hills. I was hoping for some late Autumn colour, gorgeous old buildings and some history. Sadly due to storm damage, the place is a ghost town, nothing was open and there were roadwork crews EVERYWHERE! Not too much colour and the place is all up and downhill…too much for my crippled body to properly explore, even if we could.


We drove nearly three hours on some pretty hair raising roads, which many should have been marked 4WD! Only to discover we were really a few weeks too late, for colour and non-damaged vistas. So we didn’t stay long, couldn’t;t even get a coffee, and we had stupidly forgotten to bring snacks with us too!

Loy Yang Power Station

OK, so not your typical tourist attraction, but kind of interesting. We stopped at Petersons Lookout (I think) and I pottered around with the macro lens for a while

Lake Guyatt

Passing back through Sale, we again stopped by the lakes area, this time Lake Guyatt. Not overly exciting, but a pretty little spot…I mean honestly, our whole day had been sub-average, so this was pretty much ending on a high note!

Well, I’ll leave it here for now…

~ Julz