East Gippsland Adventure – Part 6

We drove out to Paynesville and caught the ferry over to Raymond Island. A five-minute ferry ride (Costing AUD$13.00 per car return, free for pedestrians), lands you in a nature wonderland. Great for fishing and bushwalks.

Raymond Island


We drove nearly all the way around the island trying to spot koalas that inhabit this island in abundance (supposedly). Only to find we should have turned right, instead of left lol. There is a signed koala trail. You spot a sign and look up there will be one or two koalas nearby. They move the signs every day, I guess – or the animals don’t move far? Please note that these are captured with a 300mm lens, but they are still visible to the eye.

Kookaburras and Rosellas

I spotted quite a few kookaburras and rosellas, native birds to the area. So much fun to stalk these guys, so cheeky too.


I spotted these spikey pincushion hakea in several spots, amongst all the gum trees. So pretty and unusual, I don’t think I have seen them before.


After leaving Raymond Island we stopped for fish and chips in Paynesville and then we headed back to Bairnsdale. We stopped at Metung and a few other spots. We headed to the jetty where some fisherman were cleaning the day’s catch and had a bevvy of pelicans standing by for scraps. So much fun to watch them squabble and fight over the scraps.

Well, I’ll leave it here for now…

~ Julz