Road trip – Echuca, Pt 2

Our last trip to Echuca in 2019 was wet, cold and miserable, we were again trying to avoid the storms that lashed NE Victoria. This time the weather was a little nicer, although still on the chilly side. Although the rains held off, the wind gusted from time to time. Still, in the car, the sunshine was welcome through the window.


We were back on the Silo Art Trail. Every time we think we’ve seen everything, they add a few more. This time the Echuca Silo Art Trail. We had actually dropped in here the day before, late in the day and pouring rain, so we gave it a miss, vowing to return the next day if the weather cleared, which it did. Thankfully.

We found an old truck, another favourite not far from town and some street art murals on the Pub by Tim Bowtell.

The next stop was the Silo Art, also painted by Tim Bowtell. As you can see, it’s quite a large installation.


Our next stop was Rochester, again we have been here before. It’s quite amazing how much the artwork has faded since it was fresh in 2019. However, I did not take any new images of the silo this time. We did stop at a few interesting landmarks, along the way, Eaglewak and Brown Brother’s Wineries

Next stop, was lunch and then Iddles Lane, which is a fabulous mural dedicated to Ron Iddles

We had only heard about the Murals painted in town a few days beforehand, when some friends visited the area, so we went on the hunt, we were not disappointed, most of them were displayed nearby, this isn’t even all of them, just a few favourites…

On our way back to Echuca we stopped at Tongala and the Falconer Pub, these guys had fun with the Down Under theme;

From here we pretty much went back to our room, as it is Winter, Down Under, the days are pretty short and we covered quite a few miles this day between stops.

~ Julz