Road trip – Echuca, Pt 4

Day Four was my working day. I had booked the Foundry Gallery, which is located in the historic part of Echuca. I started with a Camera Basics class, which had a fabulous turn-out. A very casual few hours discussing the camera basics, exposure triangle, metering and camera modes. Depth of field, genres, shooting styles, lenses and so much more. Everyone had their chance to ask loads of questions, and have their issues solved and I helped a few set up their cameras better.

Hubby and I then had a lovely lunch just around the corner at a cafe, wandered through some of the shops, had a coffee and then walked back to the gallery for my afternoon class. Classic Still Life. A lovely small class, where we got to play with all sorts of things.

I only took a few photos, and by the time we had finished I was exhausted, so back to our room, for dinner and a quiet night in

~ Julz