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Moving beyond the realm of simple photography, I create surreal, whimsical and fantastical works of Digital Art, often capturing emotion and moments in time along with symbolism to explore reality on a slightly different level.

Born in Melbourne and living there my whole life, surrounded by a vibrant and exciting art community. While not classically trained, I am mostly self-taught with a background in graphic art and design, I have transitioned from more traditional art forms to the digital art medium, often depicting images in my own unique painterly style. Being published both online and in Magazines, I am a regular contributor to Living the Photo Artistic Life Magazine and was featured artist in August 2016 Issue. As an Artistic Coach and Mentor for the Awake Program, as well a member of the Kaizen Project, I thrive on helping and encouraging other emerging digital artists and am widely active and respected throughout the digital artist community.

I still do traditional portraits shoots, but my days are currently filled with Conceptual Fine Art Portraits and workshops…for more info on my upcoming workshops please visit my website;

from 2 Years Ago…

I started this Blog way back in October 2014 [not so long ago really] with an aim to write about my musings on all sorts of things, as well as pics about holidays, work on our amazing gardens, my artwork and photography. But then something happened, I bought a DSLR and started playing and suddenly everything became about my photography. I started doing blogging challenges, and photographic challenges and wanted to learn more, I took a few classes, but mostly I am self-taught, sure I have had a lot of help along the way too. I have met some amazing people through this blog and seen and done some incredible things, but the journey is just starting!

I am creative by nature, I love anything creative, I’m pushy and I usually get what I want. Mostly this blog is about my photography, and my travels, locally and abroad (mostly locally). You can find the most amazing gems within a few miles of home. We love to travel explore and spend weekends driving all over Melbourne and the state of Victoria, finding interesting things to see and of course to Photograph.

I have 2 of the greatest kids, 6 funny quirky animals and an amazing hubby, aka MOTH [Man of the House] who can rarely (not saying never) do wrong!! He has recently acquired a camera as well, so we are both now getting into Photography. I have converted my garage into a small home studio and I do portraits as a means of fun and profit. I specialize in Newborns and Children’s Fantasy Shots. This allows me to buy more gear for my photography and help support our travel.

Beware I am a GEEK, I Love to read, watch movies and TV, mainly anything Sci-Fi or Fantasy.  I do love a Rom-Com Movie though! Favorite Authors are Terry Brooks, David Eddings, Terry Goodkind, Anthony Eaton & Sheri Tepper. I thought perhaps one day I would love to write my own……..I have a few thoughts that I have put down, maybe one day I will share them, but honestly I think I am much better at photography than writing a novel. I love Joss Whedon, yes Buffy, Angel and Firefly, also Star Trek – TNG, DS9, & Voyager particularly. Also Star Gate SG1, Farscape and LEXX. I’ll also happily watch daggy stuff too!

So join me and Moth as we explore the world and capture and create precious memories.

You can read all about our travels and day trips on My Travel Feature Page, here

– Julz

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  1. Hello Julie…

    Here’s a little message from Türkiye to say “thank you”. I appreciate your ‘follow’, knowing how many interesting and entertaining blogs there are out there.

    Blogging since June 2013, my little corner of the world tries to offer an eclectic smattering of posts, from basic amateur photography, to sharing my travel adventures over the decades, as well as day to day happenings here on our fruit farm in southern Turkey. I also throw in a few of my observations on life and lighter-hearted stuff for good measure.

    You are more than welcome to have a look around, stay a while and have a trawl through my small collection. There are plenty of drop-down categories within the menu bar to help in said digging process. Of course, if you have any comments, suggestions or concerns, feel free to let me know – I’m not easily offended 🙂

    Thanks again and hope you have a great day…


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  2. Of ST: DS9, it became a very good series when Worf became part of it. The writing, the stories, the interaction between characters became so much better and really fleshed out ST lore – at least that’s how I saw it. The one franchise I thought they (the studio) gave up on much too early was ST: Enterprise. But, that’s the way of television.

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      1. Well, whatever you have been wondering about now is the time to give it a shot! I was looking for inspiration off of the great internet. And I found all sorts of photos where the persons face was obscured in some way and I thought they were kind of fun. So that’s what I went with!

        I also love the idea of a thick water color filter but have a hard time making that work on faces. I’m always thinking of the impressionist painters I guess.

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  3. Well, Julz. You pretty much had me nailed – womano a womano – until the geeky Sci-Fi stuff (that, and the fact we have similar names!) but otherwise what you’ve described is almost a mirror image of my blogging experiences.

    I began my blog in June of 2014 and for the most part wanted to use it as a vehicle for putting my thoughts, ideas, ramblings and perspectives on life down ‘on paper’. However, as I started posting more of my photos, responding for the most part to the various challenges and – let’s face it! – getting that high from feedback, kudos, acknowledgment and gratification from the pictures I shared, I started steering more in that direction as well.

    I look forward to exploring your blog. Consider yourself Followed! Oh. And thanks for stopping by!

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    1. One more thing. We added a Canon 70D last year to our Canon 300D (EOS Digital Rebel – purchases more than 10 years ago alongside a 70-300 zoom lens) and the Canon SX50-HS Powershot – oh, and my pocket size Canon ELPH! – after we exhausted our initial enthusiasm for photography in the early 2000s. Life just got busy and, I don’t know, we just fell out of it.

      After a trip to Colorado last SEP (life changing!!) where I just brought the Powershot and left the Rebel at home (stupidly, STUPIDLY!), that’s when we decided to step it up again and got the 70D (and more recently, some good glass). Now husband and I ‘fight’ over who gets to use it! We just returned from Door County, Wisconsin (Google it — a pretty nice place to enjoy the beauty of Fall) and I ‘let’ Bill have the 70D while I used the Powershot and our Rebel with the zoom lens. It was fun taking pictures together. Usually, it’s just me out there, driving gravel roads and exploring nearby locales for beautiful shots, barns, bridges and the unexpected.

      I’m 58 years old and for the first time EVER, I finally have a PASSION for something. It’s pretty heady, is it not?!? 🙂

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  4. hi you have an exhausting list of interests 🙂 interesting how you started your blog thinking you’d do one thing with it, and then you veered off into another direction that’s a better fit for what you really enjoy and want to grow in. I think that’s one of the unexpected benefits of the bloggin experience. Keep at it ! I dropped in by way of ” … where’s Matt” reblogged elsewhere, which is delightful 🙂

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  5. Thank you for the “Like & Follow.” I’m following you as well; I’m quite impressed with someone who only recently got into photography and has already turned it into a career! I’m a beginner and always looking for inspiration and advice.

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  6. Hi Julz,
    Found your blog through your comments on Red’s Wrap (seems to be a community of aging creatives.) I started my blog a couple of months ago & was inspired by the fluidity of your blog as I was feeling like I should be more focused. I am just interested in so many things. Life is just too short to be in a box!
    Nice to find a kindred spirit….

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  7. Neat post. I just randomly found your blog. I truly appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your next post. Could you tell us more about this subject? Be cool if you were close so we could be friends.


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