My Furbaby Family

I guess it’s time to update this slightly, we now have six quirky animals…………….Welcome Sheldon and Crush (pics at bottom)……………but we love them, in order of appearance

There is Chloe the undeniable leader of the pack (When Teddy lets her). She is a Maltese Pomeranian Cross, she is OUR BABY and wont let anyone forget it. With a face like like, how can anyone say no?

Teddy Bear is your typical aloof cat, only wants attention on his terms, he is the bravest scaredy cat…………..happily walk through water, the pond, while you are watering the plants, beats up dogs, but god help you if you make a sudden movement; he’ll launch

Zorro, so named for his masked face, is the 2nd biggest sook. Loves a cuddle and all the attention his humans will give him. And he loves his food!! He weighed in at a hefty 9.9Kgs until we put him on a permanent diet, he is now a very sleek and trim 5.5Kgs. Loves to adventure outside 2nd only to eating

Buddy……….the baby, although now at 7 plus he is no baby and arthritis is setting in :(. He is a Cavalier Kings Charles crossed who knows what, he is enormous size at 15.5Kgs and it’s not fat! He is hopelessly bullied by the other 3, even though he is much bigger than any of them, he loves his sleep and food.

Our two latest additions are Sheldon and Crush the Macleay River Hatchlings (Turtles). They are very cute, very quirky and after a few weeks (we got them May 2015, they are finally starting to settle into a routine with the other animals. Chloe babies and mothers them mercilessly and will not let anyone else go near them when they are out of their tank. Unfortunately we don’t trust her 100% either!

12 replies to My Furbaby Family
  1. You cannot live without animals. I have a sign saying “A home without a dog is just a house”. I guess that goes for cats as well. Thank you so much for the likings and the follow – your blog looks great! I’ll be back for more – we have the same interests…

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      1. My mother’s brother brought home a turtle when he was at sea…and my grandmother tripped on it and fell – almost broke her arm. the turtle was found dead under the sofa later on.

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  2. Your pets are so cute. A home without pets is not really a home. I could not live without my furry companions. They are always there to greet me when I come home from work and they always make me smile. I bet yours do too.

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