After a bit of a break we are back with the 52 Week Challenge by The Girl Who Dreams Awake, this week negative space. I have three images all so stark and so very different, but all using negative space to highlight and embrace the single object.DSC_9092DSC_8903dsc_3232

Sometimes it’s good to have a break, life happens and these things require our attention, I think that is the beauty of this community, you can take a break and then come back to open arms and pick up right where you left off!.

~ Julz

Another 52 Week Challenge – Week 30

I just wrote that and felt a certain sense of shock, week 30…..how did that happen? Just like I cannot believe it is March already; where are the days disappearing too?

Back on track………..this week’s challenge by The Girl that Dreams Awake is ‘in the distance’, so I hunted through my archives to find some things in the distance; lights, stars, the horizon and the city in the rear view of a boat.


Even got the helicopter! I hope you enjoy this week’s images and as always see what everyone else is up to #52weeks

~ Julz

Another 52 Week Challenge – Week 29

This week’s theme from the girl who dreams awake is Beautiful Colours, after last’s week’s pity party (sorry about that, but thank you everyone), pretty colours indeed needs to be the post for today! So, so many beautiful colours..last year I was all about exploring B&W and this year I am yearning for colour again

Should I stop now? lol I hope you all have a brilliant week.

~ Julz

Another 52 Week Challenge – Week 28

This week’s theme from the Girl who dreams awake is Happy. To be honest, not something I am feeling just now; long story, but bad day I guess. So I guess my theme this week is Not Happy. Apologies; but to read further is turning into a rant.

I am an artist and sometimes we are a tad precious about our art, I’ll admit that, but we are often putting our hearts and emotions on the line when we create, so I think we are entitled to feel an emotional connection to our art. And while we get that not everyone will love what we do, some will…..constructive criticism can be helpful (still occasionally a bitter pill), but then there are the people who just say horrible things.


Fractured Selves

I know in this day and age of internet trolls, there are people out there with nothing better to do than cut you down and make you feel small and insignificant, I mostly ignore them, they don’t know me and probably never will…….what really stings is when the horrible hurtful things come from your own flesh and blood; someone who should understand and be supportive, not jealous and vile and hurtful.

Honestly I should be used to it; my whole life I have had back handed compliments, but essentially told I an unworthy and any good fortune I do receive is the sheer dumb luck, not deserved through hard work. Never has my true art been completely understood “Why waste your time on that rubbish, your (flowers or insert whatever here) is quite nice, well it will be when you get good at it”. Occasionally I get a comment about how something is lovely or a heart on FB…..makes my heart sing – stupid really, because I know the next comment will be a slap in the face.

Three times this week I have had horrible comments, or just plain stupid ones, my Hubby tells me to just ignore it (I have deleted the comments from FB), but it still bites deep. I seriously am so mad, I cannot even talk to this person who quite frankly is already acting like a petulant child, I am so fed up with the crap I just want to walk away, but that little voice in my head tells me I shouldn’t they are family; a parent.

I read on WP and FB and other Social media how their Moms are their best friend, who support and understand them, I feel a pang of jealousy, but happy for them too and I know I have a supportive Mother figure in my Aunt, who I can turn to in times of crisis, but not the same.

Don’t get me wrong I didn’t have a horrible childhood or anything, just not very well supported. Funny my brother, the lying, cheating, fraudulent criminal in the family is the one they are so proud of……….WTF? Seriously? “Oh he has come such a long way since they let him out of jail, he has really turned his life around, you should give him another chance, you owe him that much” I don’t owe that lying cheating son of a bitch (funny coz he actually is) a damn thing. I have never done anything illegal or hurt innocent people, I have worked hard for everything I have got……..but apparently it was all dumb luck.

So if you have a loving supportive parent; hug them, be joyous, enjoy the bath in their warm glow of love and admiration for a job well done or a life well lived and think of us poor people who will never know how good that feels.

Apologies – rant over, if you made it to the end, thank you for listening.

~ Julz

52 Week Challenge – Week 27

This week’s theme from The Girl Who Dreams Awake is Architecture, I have just visited two amazing places this weekend where the architecture was wonderful, I am not normally one for buildings, but sometimes you have to make an exception.

Royal Exhibition Buildings – Melbourne

Montsalvat – Eltham

This place was built in 1934 and has been largely untouched, and lovingly maintained.

~ Julz

Another 52 Week Challenge -Week 26

Stranger is this week’s theme from The Girl Who Dreams Awake for this 52 week challenge; week 26 – halfway!

I do not often do street photography, but occasionally in my travels (of which have been many) I have had the opportunity to see some amazing sights. A Wedding photography shoot on the top of a mountain (The used a helicopter, we drove in 4WD and camped), Batman in an abandoned building and a ballerina in Hosier Lane (Melbourne). I did know know any of these people, they were complete strangers to me, but for a brief moment in time, there was a connection and I captured it. Being a travelling graphic digital artist with a camera is so totally awesome, especially at unexpected times;

~ Julz

Another 52 Week Challenge – Week 24

The theme for this week’s challenge is Light from The Girl who Dreams Awake. As a photographer, I love light; without it, even just a tiny bit I could not shoot.

Of course there is daylight, but oh the magic happens when the sunlight has goner and you create your own light, just tiny snippets that do amazing things in the dark. Torches, candles, sparklers, glow sticks and LED can make the most amazing images come to life in the dark…….you just need patience and imagination.

~ Julz

Another 52 Week Challenge – Week 23

These week’s challenge from the Girl that dreams awake is Trees, I really like trees, not only for the work they do in cleaning our air and giving us oxygen, but for the shade to bring, and the fact that they can be so darn interesting, any time of the year, and even when they are dead! I even put trees in my art symbolising life, and the passage of time, renewal and protection.

Til next week, happy snapping…

~ Julz

Another 52 Week Challenge – Week 22

Wow almost half way!, perhaps I should just drop the ‘another’ as it is now my only 52 week challenge – and this is a good thing. So The Girl Who Dreams Awake, this week has chosen nature, so many stunning Winter scene I see before me on WP………but nope not here in Australia. It is cooler today, but last week so hot, so humid, beach weather alright! It does snow in Australia (some people are apparently surprised by that?) just not near me.SO here is some Summer Nature from Down Under


~ Julz