Alphabet Soup

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Alphabet Soup.”

Write down the letters of the ABC. For each one, choose a word that begins with that letter. Now, write a post about anything — using all the words you’ve selected.

There was once an Iguana called Kevin, who had several friends who had been locked up in Jail for smoking grass. There was a Bill, the Kookaburra and Reg, the Monkey. As Kevin sat by the river pulling the wings off butterflies, he decided that it was time to Help them get out. So he called all his other Friends, the Cats, Dogs, Frogs and Eagle named Queenie. 

Please help me get my two friends out of Jail” he asked “They have never done anything wrong before, not even opened a yellow umbrella inside. I Love my friends more than I love Apples” Kevin pleaded. So they all agreed.

Unfortunately the were all extremely vapid, and got caught straight away, and they too were put in Jail, by the strangest of Judges. It was a Zebra, sitting in a bath of tepid water.

Hey, I never promised it would be pretty, but as late as it is, it’s done!

– Julz