Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Winter and Water

So Cee’s Fun Foto theme this week is Winter or Water.…..water I have plenty of, but I had to hunt down the few Winter photos (well that look like Winter). We don’t get much snow in these parts, just grey skies and drizzle mostly…….but last year we went to the snow regions of Victoria and actually saw a little snow; just enough to make a snowman!

Til next week, safe travels and happy snapping…

~ Julz

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Autumn and Metal

I’m back after a short break, found new photos to use for my challenges! So this week’s Cees Fun Foto Challenge is Autumn and Metal. I love Autumn, one of my favourite times of the year, days are pleasant (mostly) and the nights are cooler. Making sunrise and sunsets all the more spectacular and the night sky so much brighter. So here is my Metal and Autumn photos from a recent trip to the Outback (never tire of saying that, it seems so magical and romantic 🙂 – Blacksmiths, Metal water tanks and windmills, metal train tracks and iron ore mining sites…….. not to mention the sunrise and sunsets over a vast Autumn landscape

Til next time, happy snapping…

~ Julz


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Harvest & Earth

I missed last week’s challenge of Summer and Fire, due to our Outback Adventure, no time to try to catch up, so I’ll just move along to Cee’s theme this week’s of Harvest and Earth. Not sure why, but Harvest makes me think of the Scarecrow Man and pumpkins??

Earth huh? well I just spent a week looking at a LOT of earth, most of it red dirt! Beautiful sunburnt Australian Outback, red dirt, blue skies and nothing to be seen for miles, but more of the same.

We actually passed a lot of wheat fields in out travel, but most have been harvested already and are quite bare like the fields above; although I am not sure what was planted there. I assume wheat as it is near a grain silo.

Til next time, happy snapping…

~ Julz


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Spring/ Wood

It’s Spring! Well actually no it’s not, here in Australia it is actually Autumn, or Fall as some prefer. Cee’s kicking off another month with a different challenge theme, this time season’s. I love Spring and Autumn, the weather is often better, Summer can get too hot and Winter in miserable. I travel more often, especially in Autumn.

So I have a gallery full of wood and a few Spring growth to break it up. I have to ‘travel’ back in time a bit for some shots from my Last Spring.

The last one is as wooden as I can get a timber fence and a timber house in the High Country.

~ Julz


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Shot from the bottom or underneath…

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is shot from the bottom or underneath. I’ll freely admit it, I’m a bit of a one trick pony when it comes to shooting positions…..mostly just standing (or occasionally sitting). I don’t get down low or on the floor, I don’t climb up very high, I don’t squat or lay on the ground….I can probably get down, just can’t get back up! So most of my shots are just standing.  If something is at my height it will probably stay that way, if it is above me I shoot from underneath while looking up. But that is about as exciting as it is going to get.

So my looking up shots are from things that are up quite high, the random ground one was shot with my old camera and reticulating screen; I could put the camera on the ground and turn the screen so I could see on live view, current camera does not have it.

~ Julz

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Looking up at things

This week’s challenge by Cee is looking up at things. I am not particularly tall, so I seem to spend most of my life, looking up at things lol.However I didn’t won’t to bombard you with too many images, here are just a few recent ones.

I would also say that my current attitude is also looking up, so go me! I hope everyone is having an awesome week.

~ Julz


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge -Looking down at things

This week’s CFFC is Looking down on things…….it’s funny a year ago, I did not really like ‘flat lay’ photography, now after 12 months of fairly intensive Still Life classes, I love it, I have a far better understanding of it and use it often, and not just for Still Life.

I am also a big fan of 45 degree angle shot too, great for items where there really isn’t too much background, but shoot from completely on top looses some of the details; but it is still looking down.

Great challenge for this week Cee, can’t wait to see what everyone else does…

~ Julz

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Things that look like faces

Cee’s Fun Foto CHallenge this week is just that – a challenge. Searching through my archives to find things that look like faces but are not, was quite challenging, either I have a lack of imagination (seems doubtful considering the weird stuff I come up with), lack of coffee (a distinct possibility), or my photography portfolio is lacking in this kind of shot. I could have set up some shots with fruit and veg, but frankly I have way too many things on my plate and the archives it must be. So I went for things that aren’t human, but still look like faces?dsc_5731dsc_1163DSC_3496DSC_2476DSC_1378DSC_1389


Luna Park – St Kilda

So that is it for this week, not quite what the theme requested, but close enough……I hope you are all having a fabulous week…

~ Julz