Tuesday’s Textures… The Kaizen Project

I know I mentioned a few months ago about The Kaizen Project, with 499 other artist, each month we work on collaborative efforts, some for a cause, some for an ideal and sometimes just to feel good; but, let me explain further. Month one we all work on a project for a Skate Shop in the US who work with under privileged kids; we re worked their website, designed posters and promotional material and provided artwork for auctions…..all for FREE. Month two we were to create posters, all of them the same size, using the same template, but with our own internal graphics…….to inspire, to evoke, to imagine…….in an effort to promote reading and writing and give various posters to libraries around the world. Even though we have moved on from this project the end goal is still ongoing. I chose books and stories which held special meaning for me……..we added the Title, Author and a quote or first lines of the book. Here are just a few that I created.


Perhaps someday you may see one of mine or something similar in a library near you?

Month three we turned this inward and each week for a month we created a special artwork, had it printed and then gave to someone, mostly posted. For no reason other than you love them, they inspire or support you, or hold some special meaning in your heart, your life, your art. I printed two copies of my 1000 Words book, one for my Aunt and one for my Mother………..my Aunt was thrilled and in tears of joy, she said the gift and the small note attached made her day. I created another image for a fellow photographer to hopefully inspire her when she looks at the image, as she has often inspired and always supported me. She knows WHO she is, no need to name names! 🙂 . I have a small canvas printed for one of the ladies who frequently models for me, Rachelle, it was an image she loved (so did I) so as a thank you and an early Christmas Present I gave it to her……her tears of joy made me cry as well and made me feel so humbled to see her pure joy at the gift.

Then lastly I created a Guardian Angel for my BFF, she was sorely in need of one and she was overjoyed when I gave it to her. This project was at once gratifying and humbling, I know why it was given to us. Simple deeds, even among our family and friends can bring so much joy. Not because it is expected, or wanted, or required by customs or tradition or even commercially……….just because we want to. I also used my special cards I had printed to write small notes to go with each present. It really did make me feel all mushy and warm and fuzzy on this inside.

~ Julz

Tuesday’s Textures…

Shift Art Challenge time again, this is my entry for December……….titled Inner Peace, I used some different techniques on this one including motion and field blur, using Dodge & Burn to re define facial features and colour layers and blending modes to create natural looking makeup.


Inner Peace

Not sure what the ShiftArt challenge is? Visit the website here to join and get more info. Basically each month you download a series of images and textures and you have to combine an image using what is supplied. There is usually 3 or 4 different sets and you must use at least one item from each set. This means everyone working on this challenge has the same limitations………but honestly it’s you imagination that sets the limitations.

I did a few other images as well, but chose the one I entered as it is much stronger image both visually and technically and was really happy with the end result.


Sunset Serenade


Lost Causes

I almost went with this last one, Lost Causes, just for the sheer madness and whimsy of it………nothing like a Woman Scorned! 🙂 .

~ Julz

November Shift Art Challenge, and the Winner is……..

Well NOT me….My piece entitled “The Night Watches” didn’t win, but I did get an Honorable Mention and I am quite stoked with that! Was it only last week I mentioned my entry in the November Shift art Challenge? Wow time really is racing along at the moment.


The Night Watchers

So many other wonderful entries, you can check them all out here – Shift Art November Challenge Winners. Can’t wait to try the next month’s Challenge, such fun.

On the mention of Shift Art, it is an excellent resource for knowledge as well, Members receive access to tutorials from some extremely talented artists, as well as interviews and special offers. Check them out.

~ Julz




Tuesday’s Textures

Not much to say today, just a few images I have worked on lately and have posted on Social Media.Just finger exercises really for my PS Artistry collection.


Spring’s First Flight


Butterfly Dance

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Til next time, I hope you have a great week and happy snapping…

~ Julz

Tuesday’s Textures – PS Artistry

I started pulling in bits and pieces to play with these skull images, I honestly had no real idea of what I wanted and where they were going, they seemed to take on a life of their own; as my images so often do. They are slightly strange but have an almost alluring quality, very much Day of the Dead type of thing (being October), perhaps I was subconsciously drawing from that?


Monday’s Musings

Wow, what a weekend, amazing what you can do, when you have nothing planned and you just see where the day takes you?  Friday afternoon I played in PS and created this gorgeous piece Shoot for the Moon, none of it my photos or anything, all class content from the Photoshop Awake course and such……..so good just to play.


Shoot for the Moon

Slept in both days, now that’s rare to start with. I spent some time pottering in the studio and playing with some Christmas lights and stuff for a Spark for Kim Klassen Studio 2.0 ‘The Pour’, and my 52 week challenge of Green, OK so I might have got a wee bit carried away, but such fun.


Then I drove out to meet my new friend Phillip……..he collects vintage and retro junk and restores it, I didn’t want mine restored, so we cut a deal on a few keys pieces…….he tried to send me home with loads more. I was good I resisted, but I will probably be back, I left him my business card and asked him to ring me if he comes across anything of interest.


Just going through his shed was fun, so much vintage and retro, also some old war memorabilia and records, books, kids toys, furniture and surfboards.

I then spent the rest of the afternoon in the studio, playing with my new finds

The latest edition of Living the Photo Artistic Life magazine came out featuring my Friend Tony Stephenson as guest artist and showcased his wonderful work, and two of my images were showcased as well, as well as the launch of our Brand New Kaizen project, read more here…………….good weekend so far!

Sunday was a lazy day, some more rummaging for another project I have in mind, some food shopping and pottering around in the studio again with some small pumpkins I finally managed to locate.


Here’s hoping you all have a fabulous week, and happy snapping…

~ Julz

When life gives you lemons…

When life gives you lemons….you either throw in tequila or invite a friend over for a citrus party! So I literally got handed a bag of lemons, added a few other bits and pieces; tangelo, mandarin, lime and blueberries (I can’t seem to have yellow without blueberries – love it) and invited Desley over for an afternoon in the studio.


We even remembered to take some behind the scenes shots of our set up. Using only natural light on the old fence palings by the studio window. We borrowed Moth’s tripod as his has the cool feature allowing perfect flat lays! Oh My, such sticky heaven. The colours………..amazing, perfect for a cold, wet Spring afternoon.



It is really quite funny, just how much time we spent on these few images, posing and re posing, cutting, peeling and shooting. It is zen like to get in the zone and loose complete track of time.


P.S. Thanks for a brilliant day Desley…..can’t wait to do it all again!