Dog Boy and Rabbit Girl

I did a post recently on a recent visit to St Kilda with some artist friends, while walking down the beach path toward Luna Park and Acland Street, I passed these two amazing bronze sculptures by Gillie and Marc, check out their page, some very cool stuff.


Anyway I have seen their sculptures before with the Paparazzi Pack (were on display somewhere in Melbourne, can’t remember where or if they still are?). But I had several comments on my post about how interesting they were and thought they deserved their own post.

~ Julz

P.S. Yes some of them have been ‘altered to cover Facebook nudity rules 🙂

Monday’s Musings…

Had such a wonderful week last week, although the weather is turning much colder and there has been fog and even dew on the lawns in the mornings, and the leaves have all turned lovely shades of red, gold and orange; Autumn really is here. All too quickly it will be gone and Winter will settle in. I had such a busy weekend; Friday evening we attended the opening of my latest gallery exhibit, to which I have already sold one piece and a friend of mine won an Honorable Mention, with such a great piece too. Ran into a few familiar faces, checked out all the fabulous art then headed into Lygon Street for Pizza.

I then had not one, but two shoots on Saturday……

Kyle Donovan

JuliePowell_Quinn's Circus-1

Honestly could they be any different? But such large personalities and expressive faces. Young Master Quinn, had fun in a circus styled shoot, but we threw in some other fun stuff as well; There be pirates……..ARRRRRRGGGGGG! (Yes I will do a post for each of these shoots, more so one than the other).

JuliePowell_Pirate Quinn-1

Sunday was Mother’s Day, I did not get the requirement of Breakfast and coffee in bed, alas……but I was awake and up early anyway, so I got my own coffee! 🙂 I did get some lovely flowers and chocolates from my daughter…..need to do something with those flowers! ~ where is my camera lol

We then went to visit with my parents, had lunch and chatted about all sorts of stuff, as you usually do.  Spent the rest of the afternoon in editing mode, so much work. This weekend coming up is free and already my mind is wondering what to do. I still have not caught any real Autumn colour and a few spots have been calling out to me, is there time for a day trip? However there is plenty to be done around the house as well. Sigh.

Last week was quite and exciting week, between the exhibit and my interview, I found it difficult to settle, not to mention the busy weekend. I have most of my editing under control now and can spend this week playing, I have a few more competitions I need to create for as well. So a quiet weekend is not such a bad idea.

Not much else to say, I hope you have a brilliant week and happy snapping…

~ Julz


Conceptual Portraits – Monachopsis

Monachopsis – n. the subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place

I cam across this word recently and thought WOW! such a great word, full of meaning to not only myself but I am sure many others. In my own life and when out socialising with others I have this feeling; nagging in the back of my head. I often feel I am sometimes out of time too, but maybe that is me too.

But an idea for a Conceptual Shoot started to form and I had so many ideas; I also had the perfect model in Hayley. As another creative soul she also understood this concept well and was excited about working on the project too.

The Wallflower

As a teenager I felt this, but more so as an adult. If I am at a party or social function where I do not know many people, or it is really crowded, I feel like hiding. Wishing the walls or floor could open up and take me away. Especially if I have said something dumb, this happens all too often; making me quiet and not overly fond of social interactions. Sure I’m fine one on one or with friends, but that is very different.


Life of the Party

Again mostly due to social anxiety, I often feel blind to the fun and frivolity in social engagements. A bit like those dreams where you are naked and blind and everyone in the room is pointing at you and laughing, but you have no idea what is going on. I have often joked that the dead would probably have more fun than me in these situations. I often feel out of place, especially events like Gallery Openings and meeting new clients.

Life of the party

Waiting to be saved

I guess this image has different meanings to different people, but to me it signifies that person who throws you a life line, engages with you; saves you from yourself and the barren wasteland of unease. This could be a friend or partner who knows you well and offers you a safe harbour. Sometimes it is just the release that is felt once you have managed to remove yourself without making a scene.

Waiting to be saved

Don’t get me wrong, I do go out and I do interact with people. I do go to functions and have lots of fun (especially with smaller groups, where I know everyone), but to most I probably just come across as quiet and shy. I am also guessing from a lot of the people I interact with on this blog; I am not alone.

It has been an interesting journey working on a mini series for this one little word with so much meaning; Monachopsis.

~ Julz

Share Your World – 9th May, 2017

When you’re alone at home, do you wear shoes, socks, slippers, or go barefoot? In the warmer months, always barefoot, but in the colder months I wear slippers. Not one for high heals or anything like that, perhaps when I was young, but now unless they are comfortable I won’t war them.

What was your favorite food when you were a child? Cake probably, or biscuits; still is a favourite. I was always partial to a good home cooked roast or Chinese take out. For our birthdays Mum used to ask what we wanted for our special birthday dinner, I always asked for either roast or chinese….I still tend to ask for chinese take away for my birthday dinner if we are not going out.

Are you a listener or talker? Generally I am a listener, but I am a nervous talker, I probably talk too much when I am nervous. Unless you get me started on photography and /or my digital art, then I can talk for ages. Also travel……but I do love to hear all about other people’s travel; so I guess that’s a 50/50.

Favorite thing to (pick one):  Photograph?  Write? Or Cook? Favourite thing to photograph…….hard call, perhaps people but more for conceptual portraits than straight portraits. I also adore Still Life and flowers………then there is landscape photography (See above about talking lol).  Write……I wish I could write like short stories or travel features, but I think my blog is as far as it extends. I do write in my journal often, but again all about the art! Cook? I used to love cooking, but cooking everyday for a family of picky eaters and I rarely do it anymore. I mean sure I make dinner, but not like baking or fancy meals; these days it is whatever I can whip up in 15 minutes. Also we have started getting meals delivered 3-4 days a week, not prepackaged or take away, but prepared meals; such a time saver and everyone gets to pick what they want.

If Cee meant pick one out of the three……… wins hands down over cooking and writing!

Life of the party

Life of the party

What is the easiest way for your to learn something new?  By reading, by seeing and doing, in a classroom? Didn’t we do this one last week? Mmmmm same answer, if I can watch someone do it, either on Youtube or in person, a few times and then practice myself it is much quicker than learning by reading or a classroom situation. Other times by trial and error, I will attempt something just to see if works.

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

Last week I felt like I finally caught up from our month long holiday, I did a fantastic Conceptual Shoot with Hayley and I had another two shoots in the Studio, one was a new customer, so that is nice. Earned a little of the money I spent back 🙂

This week…………well I have been interviewed for another Blog by Sebastian Michaels, so that is exciting and I will share that soon. I am shortly to have a piece featured in Photoshop Creative Magazine. My latest Exhibition opens on Friday, featuring four pieces from my Alice through the looking glass series, one piece has already sold! I have several shoots lined up on Saturday and then Sunday is Mother’s Day here……..not sure what is happening yet.

I have just started organising more workshops that I am teaching for later this month and starting to arrange for next month as well. Always so much fun.

Til next time, happy snapping…oh and don’t forget to check out Cee’s SYW Post too

~ Julz

Monday’s Musings

OK, my crazy month of April has finally come to an end…….it was a wonderful month full of travel, friendships and experiences beyond my wildest expectations. So Now I am back in the world of reality, work, family, housekeeping and Portrait shoots 🙂 I loved every minute of April, but it did leave me exhausted. So time to find some stillness and catch my breath.

So I spent most of last week between editing images, catching up on housework and relaxing, the weather is really getting quite crisp and I feel Winter is coming soon ( as is the next Game of Thrones installment, but that’s another tale 🙂 )

I spent Thursday and Friday evenings try to sort out the studio, I had dumped stuff everywhere from workshops and travel, my prop box needed to be sorted out as I had a Concept Shoot on Saturday with the wonderful Hayley. We wanted to work on some really different pieces, more emotive, but based on a similar theme. Hayley has a creative soul and enjoys doing things just a little different. So I wanted to delve into some styled shoots I have wanted to try but had not had the chance. It was a relaxed morning and and easy shoot, even the edit was not overly taxing.

JuliePowell_Silver Linings-1DSC_0965-Edit

I also went back to shooting portraits this month, because……….well hey gotta help pay the bills somehow right? I Had a lovely lady who wanted a fashion/glamour look in the studio. Hair and Makeup done by Dee Harding. Interesting shoot, I don’t do a lot of fashion but it is fun.

I also finally got around to playing with some still life, I had to let the ball drop on this one, as I had so much on with travel etc. So it was really nice to just play and breathe; my Still Life is my Zen, the ying to my dramatic yang as it were.


This weekend, coming up, I have another corporate shoot and a concept shoot, this time I am shooting with another photographer; so that should be fun. I am setting up some workshops for later this month and next month; Still Life and Conceptual Portraits………so that is time consuming, but will be exciting. I have also been doing a big clean up on my photographic catalogue. Sorting it all out, it’s such a mess, but now slowly getting under control. Finding lots of images I forgot I had, or which I had shot but not touched for a few years; and would love to re edit. Something for those cold wet, rainy days I don’t want to be out shooting 🙂

So here is to a great week ahead & happy snapping…

~ Julz


Awake Australian and New Zealand Get Together, 2017 Pt 2

Day 3 – St. Kilda

Another cool and cloudy morning had us all meeting in St Kilda near the Esplanade, the Sea Baths (really just a fancy gym), the Pier, the Markets, Acland Street and Luna Park. We all ambled around the beach and walked the pier, grabbed breakfast and coffee at the end of the pier and chatted while we watched the world pass by. We wandered along the foreshore to Luna Park and then onto Acland Street. Mostly we split off into smaller groups and chatted amongst ourselves, switching between different groups. A long leisurely lunch in one of the many cafes and restaurants found along that stretch of road. All too soon it was time to depart, some went on to more exploring of Melbourne.

Day 4 – The Dandenong Ranges & Workshop

So far I had been playing tourist along with everyone else, while others from the group played Host, Day four was my day. A very early start for some to catch trains and drive from various locations to meet in Belgrave by 9am. I only live 15 minutes away, but still I had lots to do.

This morning myself and co-host Tony Stephenson had arranged some fun……we had two models (Mel and Jess) and we did Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella at Glen Harrow Estate. This was all sprung on everyone last minute and much excitement. They knew we were doing a workshop, but had no idea what! We split into groups and spent approx one hour with each model in various locations, some had never done this sort of thing before, so it was a chance to learn to work with models and create concepts. Such a fun morning.

We then headed off to catch the iconic Puffing Billy steam train as it crosses the old trestle bridge in Selby. We continued onto Olinda (after much confusion and getting a little lost), for coffee (and yes more cake…….I have not seen so many people eat so much cake lol). Eventually wandered around some of the shops and then onto our next stop; RJ Hamer Arboretum. I have photographed in today’s locations several times and it was lovely to share with all my new friends. Wonderful views of the valley and Dandenong ranges from here. We had a long lunch with many laughs and a great BBQ, fungi hunting and looking for Autumn colour. We departed ways with many people from here, some already heading home, some off to explore more areas of the Dandenongs and further afield. Our small group went off to Cloude Hill Gardens, for a bit of a wander through the Nursery and then yes……..more coffee (and cake by some, I think the rest of us were finally over cake lol)

By the time I dropped my companions back at the Train Station for their journey back into town it was getting cold and dark, and I made my way back down the mountains to home.

I have not even looked through all the images and there is already discussions about next year’s event. I am foot sore and exhausted; but it was such a great event, sure there are things we may need to change in future, but we are off to a fabulous start. I am sure, as are many of the others, that lifelong friendships were formed and strengthened during our short visit together; some even follow this blog, as I do theirs – Julie waves ‘Hi’ and gives Smiley faces………..they know who they are 🙂

~ Julz



Monday’s Musings

OK So yes this is another scheduled post, I promise the last one for awhile, next week I will be back on deck. Today while you are reading this I am hosting a workshop for my Photoshop Artistry Group big Australian and NZ meet up.

So some exciting news to share; over the past few weeks I have had another image published in Living the Photo Artistic Life, page 99.

JuliePowell_Silence from within

Silence from Within

Was featured in the Gallery of Fine art Spring edition

alice 3

Won a Special Merit for these two images, Light, Space and Time ‘Figurative’ exhibition. So excited first ever Photographic competition! OK So I wasn’t the only one with a Special merit, but still exciting. 🙂

Julie Powell_Quieting the storms from within


Roses – Original Photo by Gabriel Olude

And now the highlight of my week……………….drum roll please! I received an email from Photoshop Creative to feature one of my images in their magazine! Woohoo.


Longing for the Fog to Lift

To say I’m buzzing is an understatement, some much as happened in the past few weeks, my head is spinning. Need to get back to earth and buckle down to work! Travel is over and I have lots of raw material to work with, plus I have loads of shoots set up for the month ahead.

Thank you for all of you who cheer me on, it means the world to me my friends 🙂

~ Julz, xo

In the Studio – Alice, Through the Looking Glass

“I know who I WAS when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then”
Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

Don’t you just love it, when everything falls into place; the stars are in alignment and Karma is your friend? I had a dream shoot recently, the skies were sunny and clear (although we were shooting in the studio, but I had to doors open most of the time to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.We had a new Make-up artist who did an amazing job; Micaela Hannan. My model for the day was Jess Ami, who has the most amazing large eyes and expressive face. Both arrived on time, no flat batteries, tyres or traffic hazards to hold things up. Make-up went smoothly and the shoot was a dream. I didn’t even have a drama with the cupcakes this time!

Alice, through the looking glass was the inspiration behind this shoot and I had been writing idea, after idea in my journal; I had all my ideas planned out and my props selected and set up. It was such a cruisy day, we took plenty of breaks and had lots of fun.

I then spent a fair bit of the next few days going through all the images. Some I wanted kept basic, bare bones or B&W, but a few I ran into Photoshop for a little bit of Magic……I mean honestly, what is Alice without a little magic?

I played around with some High Key and some more vintage stylings as well as a softer, fantasy/surreal stylings. To say I was happy with the images is a complete understatement.

JuliePowell_Alice in the clouds

alice drink mealice and rabbit

To be honest I am still going through the images, we had such a flurry of activity, I have not edited them all as yet.

We even had time to shoot some more images for my Tarot Series……….cue the Page of Wands, The Moon and The Empress please….but let’s leave those for another post?

Page of Wands

Page of Wands

I actually have another Alice shoot in the works, but more on the Mad Hatters Tea Party……….but that is another day and another post.

~ Julz