Cover Make Over – Week 9 Wrap Up

Sorry this post is so late, have been having problems with WP? Anyone else finding things won’t load properly? Anyway….another Cover Make Over with Supertramp’s Breakfast in America album. I perhaps went a little simplistic, but I really wanted to play around with this old style advertising stuff. Unfortunately, unless I have missed them, this week is only me and Trev.

Breakfast in America

Trev from SillyOldSod brings us this truly unique Cover…………the waitress is so perfectly posed and the font is brilliant. Very cool and creative idea for this week, don’t you think?

I’ve kept my makeover of the album quite simple this week. The gateway to America ‘The Statue of Liberty’ has been changed and I’ve added a waitress complete with drinks tray in position of Lady Liberty. I’ve used the same backdrop of New York that I used in last weeks makeover and added a fried egg with a radial colour stripe as the rising sun. I’ve tried to make the overall picture appear to be breakfast time.


As much I as I am sure Trev won’t be happy, perhaps it is time to indeed retire this blogging challenge; at least have a break for a few weeks? Does anyone out there have an opinion, or even a request?



Cover Make Over – Breakfast In America

We have had another request, this time from Embeecee from sparksfromacombustiblemind. She put forward the music album Breakfast in American by Supertramp.

Supertramp_-_Breakfast_in_AmericaBreakfast in America is the sixth album by the English rock band Supertramp, released in 1979. It featured four U.S. Billboard hit singles: “The Logical Song” (No. 6), “Goodbye Stranger” (No. 15), “Take the Long Way Home” (No. 10), and “Breakfast in America” (No. 62). In the UK, “The Logical Song” and the title track were both top 10 hits, the only two the group had in their native country. Breakfast in America won two Grammy Awards in 1980. In France, the album is the biggest-selling English-language album of all time, and the third biggest seller overall.

Breakfast in America became Supertramp’s biggest-selling album with more than 6 million copies sold in the US alone and was No. 1 on Billboard Pop Albums Chart for six weeks in the spring and summer of 1979. The album also hit No. 1 in Norway, Austria, Canada and Australia. It was also their biggest album in the UK, reaching No. 3 (for five consecutive weeks) and remaining on the charts for exactly a year.


I decided for my version to go a little off book with some Vintage Advertisement graphics I found in my stash, so I had a little fun with it. Not usually my sort of thing, but hey why not go a little kitsch now and then?

Breakfast in America

Every week we get together and re create or completely make over cover art of a book, album or Movie Poster, feel free to join us, don’t forget to tag your post #CoverMakeOver and Pingback to this page so I can find you for next week’s wrap up.

New Covers are listed each Thursday and then I do a wrap up featuring all the artwork for that cover on the following Thursday. Also happy if anyone would like a to request a cover for us to attempt.


Cover Make Over – Wrap Up

Last week we did a Cover Make Over for the cult classic American beauty, love it or hate it, I think we all did our own version of ‘American Beauty’.

Trev from Silly Old Sod, decided to do a take on the film title as opposed to the actual cover, and I applaud him for that, just brilliant!

Anyway, I decided to make my cover on the first thing that came into my head as opposed to the storyline of the film. I chose an Oldsmobile car as to me, it’s an American beauty. The background is a silhouette of the New York skyline and I’ve added some simple clouds, some highlights to the cars headlights and the American flag. That’s about it. I hope you like it.


Sarah from First Night Designs, took an interesting approach to this cover and decided to focus on actor Kevin Spacey and not the Rose. I think the placement of the people, almost out of shot, it adds a sens of drama and the fonts are wonderful.

I knew I wanted to avoid a rose but what was my main focus going to be? I decided it was people so I swiped a slice from Tallulah Bankhead, a profile shot of Spacey from Wikipedia and set to work, the idea being that Spacey’s character is yearning for the out-of-reach schoolgirl (alright, so Bankhead was not a schoolgirl even when she was a schoolgirl). If knowing it’s Bankhead disturbs you, imagine she’s Spacey’s wife, Bening!

To be frank, I’m not enamoured of my treatment but — as so often — time was running out and I didn’t want to miss out, especially as I probably won’t be able to take part next week. Fonts used were Skia Regular for Sam Mendes, Bening and Spacey, Times New Roman for ‘American’ and Zapfino Regular for ‘Beauty’.


This is my version, although Jema is technically an Australian Beauty! Ran this image through a pencil sketch filter and added the rose and subtle colouring.

American Beauty

Cover Make Over – American Beauty

1999 Cult classic American Beauty is a satirical look at American middle class notions of beauty and personal satisfaction; written by Alan Ball and directed by Sam Mendes. At the 72 nd Academy Awards the following year, the film won Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (for Spacey), Best Original Screenplay and Best Cinematography. It was nominated for and won many other awards and honours, mainly for the direction, writing and acting.

If you are unfamiliar with the plot, there is a great summary found here. But basically Lester is a middle age Ad Man from the burbs who hates his job, his wife is having an affair, his neighbours are all crackers and he is obsessed with his teenage daughters best friend and has sexual fantasies about her, often containing rose petals. He loses his job, almost his marriage, has a mid life crisis, takes up drugs and buys his dream car…….then it gets interesting. I won’t give away the rest.

Anyway I picked this movie poster, because there is already several different versions made, and mocked (have a look on Google), I thought it might be interesting to see what everyone comes up with. And don’t forget the cover does not have to be literal………………American Beauty can be about whatever you think it needs to be.

So this is my version, I wanted something pretty and light, as juxtaposed from the plot line. This is Model Jema from my Hosier Lane shoot a few weeks ago and one of my still life roses…….given a pencil drawing treatment.

American Beauty

Don’t forget to ping back to this page and tag #CoverMakeOver. Til next week happy snapping…



Cover Make Over – Week 7 Wrap Up

So we all had a little bit of fun with the Counting Crows, Desert Life album cover, and everyone seemed to have a different take, although Goldfish remained a recurring theme!

This Desert Life-1

Embeecee from Sparks from a combustible mind, made a comment about Hot Fish! (I love that hehehehe) and that this challenge has encouraged to to have fun and polish off some rusty graphic art skills (I love that too)…..she also said some lovely things about me (and what’s not to love there?)………so many thanks for you kind words and wonderful design this week.newcovertdl


So Trev from Silly Old Sod, took his cue from the album title and went with a desert theme;

“I used stock photographs and layered the items on top of each other. Starting with the desert background, I added a small pyramid in the top right hand corner. Then the goldfish in the bowl which was another stock photo. I finished off with the text, and finally added the sun with some rays to give an impression of the desert in the midday heat.”


Sarah from First Night Designs, I really like the treatment on this one, it really stands out and is so very different from the other covers.

#photorehabcovermakeover Week 8 This Desert Life

#photorehabcovermakeover Week 8 This Desert Life © Sarah Vernon

“I adore the original by Dave McKean but didn’t want to repeat any aspect of it. Well, I have — as you can see, there’s a fish! I’ve used my surreal Beating the Bluesdesign and changed it to violet so no hint of a desert as there is with McKean’s background. And why violet? I made it a dark lime green to start with and thought better of it because so many of my makeovers have been green-based.

The band’s name is in Shopaholics Regular which looks rather different and pleasing from my having stretched the characters. The title of the album is in PT Sans Narrow Regular.”

New Cover coming up shortly for the week ahead, and don’t forget to Pingback and tag #CoverMakeOver. If you would like to suggest a cover for upcoming weeks, please let me know.


Cover Make Over – Counting Crows, This Desert Life

This Desert Life_Counting CrowsSo this album cover was released in 1999, by Counting Crows; the actual cover fascinated me and far from being a bad cover as we had done recently, I actually wanted to do something similar, but different, not sure I will call it a success, but it happens occasionally.

This Desert Life is the third studio album from Counting Crows. The cover art is by noted comic book artist Dave McKean, best known for his work with Neil Gaiman, and was adapted from the cover art McKean did for Gaiman’s picture book The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish. If you don’t know Counting Crows, perhaps you may know them for their song “Accidentally in Love,” which was included in the film Shrek 2?

This Desert Life-1

So I had a photo on a black background I took of a mason jar and I ‘borrowed’ a pic of a gold fish and ran it through Topaz Impressions oil paint filter and added it to the jar, then duplicate and rotated the 2nd image, added some water splash with some special splash brushes I have, added the god dust bokeh and squiggly lines and then the text. I don’t mind the actual image……….I think I over did it with the squiggly lines and the font isn’t quite there…………need to heed my own advice! It was done in a bit of a hurry this week, sorry folks.

So what can you come up with? Copy and re create or come up with something completely different? Get creative and don’t forget to Ping back here and use tag #CoverMakeOver.



Cover Make Over – Week 6 Wrap up

Last week, we did a cover for the slightly controversial movie, What Dreams May come. Some had strong feelings about the movie and message. I think the big takeaway from this movie is Don’t give up.

Embeecee from Sparksofacombustiblemind joined us this week with her wonderful cover art and heartfelt comments on depressions and suicide. This movie back then, as it does now covers some disturbing and troubling issues, and even though not everyone agrees with the topic matter, at least getting the discussion going can only be a good thing, right? The painting, the colours and the tree are so important to this movies, I love that they have been added here, and the city of light with the rainbow is a wonderful addition.


Next is Trev from SillyoldSod, even Trev admits it is a tear jerker (I love it when a guy can admit that 🙂 ). His portrayal of Hell is epic, like in the movie itself.


Sarah from First Night Design  took a more earthly approach by featuring landscapes.

I have used a design I’m still creating as the backdrop in a bid to show the landscapes of the film. The title font and strap line is in Seravek ExtraLight while the star’s name is in Goudy Medieval Regular – perhaps a little too Gothic but I was running out of time.

#photorehabcovermakeover Week 6 What Dreams May Come

#photorehabcovermakeover Week 6 What Dreams May Come Original & vintage art © First Night Design []

Here is my version, I guess the takeaway from this is that this movie has brought forward a darker, moodier art from everyone involved. It is a dark subject matter. Most of us do not like to dwell on death, alas it is inevitable and I guess when we all face it head on, it is something we can and will have to deal with one day. I watched the movie again recently and felt that perhaps my image does not convey some of the joy, which this movie holds…, family and friendship.


Thank you to everyone who joined in……I promise next cover to do something more joyful and happy, but still a touch fanciful.


Cover Make Over – What Dreams May Come

Hi Everyone, and welcome to another week, this week we are doing a movie, and it is actually a request of sorts, Robin from Reflections for my Soul, mentioned her favourite movie and I must admit I love this movie too. Robin Williams is truly amazing. From 1998 – What Dreams may come. (The novel was released in 1978); After life there is more. The end is just the beginning [Tagline].

This movie won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects and the Art Directors Guild Award for Excellence in Production Design. It was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Art Direction. It really is a visual feast.


This movie is about love, family, friendships and soul mates. Chris dies in a tragic car accident and at first tries to console his grieving wife, before moving on. Once in Heaven he meets various people from his life on earth, including his long dead child. His wife commits suicide and he is determined to bring her back from hell.

Wikipedia has a longer Synopsis here, it is sad, moving, beautiful fantasy romance, which to be honest had me in tears most of the time, it is beautifully casted, directed, and a visual treat, even from way back then!


My version is much darker, it’s more on the wife crawling her way through Hell, I guess. I created from scratch with many different layers, textures and effects, with a model shot from my own stash. Dark, slightly creepy and very urban…… gives a very surreal feel.


I almost feel she needs to be dirtier? or perhaps broken wings are called for? It is a piece I have been working on a bit since I first completed it for this cover. It’s dark and edgey and raw, something very different from my still lifes I have been doing lately.

Want to join us? Recreate this week’s Cover Make Over, write a post about what you did to create it, or a bit more about the Movie, Music, Book etc, or the characters, writer, actors etc, then create a ping back here; don’t forget to tag #covermakeover.


Cover Make Over – Week 5 Wrap up

Welcome to another Recap and we have a new member this week.

Shyutgal from sparksfromacombustiblemind was inspired by Trev’s piece these week and has decided to join us as well…………..welcome!

cdbrevisited Isn’t it interesting how adding a few simple touches can make a cover so much more interesting?









Trev from Silly Old Sod has gone all out this week, I really do like this cover, the edit the treatment, everything. He took what he conceived as the loneliest place away from home (Home being Earth in this case).


Enter a caption

And of course finishing off with my version.


If you want to join us for next week, the new cover will be posted shortly



Cover Make Over – Chris de Burgh, Home

Chris de Burgh_Home.jpg Another truly boring album cover. There were so many amusing and even imaginative album covers, why were so many done like this?

Chris de Burgh ‘Home’ is an acoustic release of some of his songs and was released in 2012. Not even a greatest hits album, but it does include Waiting for the Hurricane. I thought perhaps it needed something to set the mood a little more. Something old and comfortable, a welcome feeling of coming home.


I love this image of the old dog in the shade, I converted to B&W and then added some textured, dust and scratches to make it look old and worn.

Don’t forget if you would like to nominate a book, music or movie for us to do a Cover Make Over, let me know, we are always looking for ideas.