The Daydreamer challenge – Day 7

Daydreamer challenge – Day 7

What was my favorite part of the challenge? I think I will try and keep this short and sweet. I have hardly had time to read everyone else’s post and I am trying too.

I liked Day 3 and Day 4…………made me think outside my comfort zone, which is a good thing. Also made me realize I am spreading my self a bit thin…and putting out possibly too many small post in one day. Need something with a little more meat for my readers!!

– Julz

The Daydreamer Challenge – Day 6

The Daydreamer Challenge – Day 6

Yesterday, I asked you guys to write a question at the end of the post. This is because I wanted to write down every question and you can just answer them! Easy peasy! Also, check out the blogs that gave the questions because they’re awesome! 🙂

Question time –

Just Call Me Elm Or Something – If you had the chance to meet one of your best internet friends/favorite blogger, would you be nervous before meeting them?

Actually I did meet someone a few months back, I was really very nervous, I mean are they who they say they are or an axe wielding serial killer? Luckily she was not and I would like to think we could be friends. The are many more who I have found are fairly local to me and would love to meet face to face. Maybe we could set up a coffee morning or something and all have some face time?

A Random Person Called Annie – How did you feel after you posted your first ever post?

I did not hit publish for awhile, I was quite worried, but then thought hey no one will read it any way!! I quickly found out I was wrong, people did read it, and people ‘liked’ what I wrote. I think the one I was most worried about was an interview I did for the Blog101. I read and re read that dozens of times before I finally hit publish.

Well that is it for this post

– Julz

The Daydreamer Challenge – Day 5

Wow, Day 5,6 & 7 got a little away from me, it has been such a busy, busy weekend. So for  Day 5 of Little Daydreamers Challenge.

My goals and achievements for my Blog, essentially my hopes and dreams I guess. I too an a relative newbie, I started blogging in October 2014, so maybe I cannot count myself as a newbie anymore? In that time I have picked up almost 200 followers (I would love to hit at least 200 if not 1,000) and made some great online friendships. I follow lots of varied blogs from photography, drawing, mothers, cooking, funny stories, life stories, recovery from illness, smoking and just about everything in between.

I have 2 blog, this one, which is mostly for writing, Daily Post, venting and ranting, it’s my personal blog. The inner workings of a over worked, over stressed, overly caring (I wouldn’t call it smothering) mother of adult children, who are perfectly capable (most of the time) to run their own lives. I guess I am an empty nesting (even though they technically have not left home), with a job I am not overly excited about and was looking at something for ME!

This blog got me back into photography, I now take some amazing images (sorry no humble pie from me here) and have started doing portrait photography…… the point I am getting so busy I do not really have time for a job! LOL unfortunately my day job still pays more, so I can’t quite retire as yet. OH woe is me! 🙂 But if it wasn’t for starting this blog I would not have this amazing creative outlet. It gives me and my Hubby a reason to go and visit some places around where we live and more. I know we shouldn’t need an excuse, but it did give me a driving need to get out and photograph things.

I would like to write about my own things more, for so long I have waited on challenges and the Daily Post, the challenges I still love, but the Daily post is leaving me wanting ‘more’ of late, perhaps that is just me. I guess I would like to have my own topics that I could write about every week; Manic Mondays or Friday Frolics or something? That is still on the cards, I just have to find the time!

– Julz

The Daydreamer Challenge – Day 4

The Daydreamer Challenge – Day 4 – Blogging tips

I know when it comes to blogs I really enjoy reading it is when something is genuine and usually amusing, I also like pretty pictures, but they should have a reference, for instance why put up a image of a cat playing piano if you are discussing taking a dog for a walk? It’s just not relevant. So I try and emulate that sort of blog, I write from the heart, not always what people want to read, but what I want to get out……….I have found that if you write what you feel there are so many people out there who have been there, know exactly how you feel and can sympathize or at least empathize with you. If it’s a funny tale, often people tell you it brightened their day.

Just because you are new it doesn’t mean you do not have something to offer. I found one of the best things I did when I first started blogging was Blog101 and Photo101, I learnt so many things about blogging and photography, I also ‘met’ a lot of very interesting people who in turn taught me more. I picked up lots of readers and made many new friends. Some people say if you do not want people to comment on ‘it’ don’t put it on Social Media, however I find that I can write things on my Blog, that I would not necessarily put on SM like Twitter or Facebook. I know that some people like to link all of it together, but I must admit due to my ‘venting’ on my blog I don’t tend to put it on SM.

So I guess what I am trying to say it keep it real, make it appealing and don’t forget a picture is worth a 1,000 words.


– Julz

The DayDreamer Challenge – Day 3

Today, the challenge is to say something nice about another blog

I love seeing Wiley’s Wisdom come up in my Reader, the posts are always wonderful, usually funny and always heart warming.

I am a four-year-old terrier mix with a heart of gold and lots of stories of joy to share with the world.

Wiley Schmidt is a dog!and he talks about his forever family, as a Dog Lover, this Blog is very sweet and I love the tales and his insights on humans, and other animals. Very cute.

So do yourself a favor and check Wiley out here, there are loads of wonderful posts

– Julz

The Daydreamer Challenge – Day 2

The Daydreamer Challenge – Day 2

Choose/take a photo of something that represents you. It can be anything from a colour to an object. Whatever you feel represents you and your personality. Include a short paragraph about how it represents you and what it means to you.

Twizel, Pelaanor Fields

The image is a little strange I know, so let me explain. This was taken on my 24th Wedding anniversary. Moth (Man of the house) and I were in New Zealand doing a Lord of The Rings Tour. This was a silly bit of fun, we dressed up as Orcs and he kissed me!

I guess it does mean a lot, Moth is my life, that and my girls. I also have my furry babies and my friends, but Moth is my rock. We love to travel, have fun and sometimes we are just a little bit silly! Who said growing old meant you had to grow up!

So I guess it sums me up, I do not take myself or life too seriously (let’s face it none of us get out alive anyway!), I like to travel, have fun,  i still love my Hubby!

– Julz