Fabulous Fridays…

Ahhh, Fridays……so much to offer, a wonderful weekend ahead and the signal of another working week over (well for me anyway). I had two more images published yesterday in the Living the Photo Artistic Life magazine


So that is always exciting, honestly every month it just gets more and more amazing, grab a cuppa and skim the pages, I promise you it is worth it.

Also announcing here that I hope to start up a new project very soon working with survivors of Domestic Violence, which after a prompt from my Kaizen Project group, we are to each pick a charity to work with; mine is called Safe Steps…….but more on that later. The next two images are very special and were created with the a wonderful young woman, her self a survivor.

JuliePowell_Seeking Answers

Seeking Answers

JuliePowell_Silence from within

Silence from Within

Both of the images, along with others I hope convey hope that these women and children (and yes men as well) can now see after the horrible, ugly and anxious periods of their life. I hope to bring a little bit of hope, fun and beauty to their world again, or perhaps for the first time…..sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

I hope you all have an amazing weekend, I know I have so much planned, but more on that Monday…….

~ Julz


Photoshop Artistry – Part 6

Well, that’s it, I am finished. Mind you I will be back from time to time, brush up, re watch videos and stuff. The best thing about this course is they are always adding more tutorials, videos and bonus extras. Just recently I found a whole heap of new tutorials on Topaz Impressions, which is great as I have just recently started using Topaz Labs!

Anyway here are my last few assignment pieces;

Challenge 24  – Creative Advertising
Challenge 25  – A Beloved Pet
Challenge 26  – Designing a 2-Page Magazine Spread
Challenge 27  – Create Promotional Images for an Emerging Artist

I think I still want to re visit a few challenges that I have already completed. It’s only now after completing the course and I have put this new found knowledge into action that I can really feel myself ‘growing’ as an artist. As per usual we are our own worst enemy, but I feel so inspired to try new avenues, mediums and techniques. I feel that mixed media is something of great interest and I will be dabbling and displaying some more images soon.

I will soon be creating my new website and online Portfolio. I will keep you updated.



Photoshop Artistry – Part 5

Well I getting to the tail end of this course now, I have completed all four Modules and I am slowly making my way through the challenges. Some of them I have not been 100% happy with and would like to re visit – possibly over the holidays if I have time (or inspiration). The first one, entitled Breathe I have already re done, you may have seen it last week?

Challenge 18  – Three Panels, One Unified Composition (Not shown)
Challenge 19 – The Art of Sauntering (Sanctuary, 2 versions)
Challenge 20  – Designing a Book Cover (For One of Your Favorite Books)
Challenge 21  – Artistic Self-Portraiture (With Nothing But Your Smartphone) (Not shown)
Challenge 22  – Capturing Music Through Imagery (2 versions)
Challenge 23  – Timelessness and Complete Peace (Breathe, 1st version)

There are two in particular I felt I rushed, and did not really do justice………..one was the self portrait, one day I will really attempt something decent, but I am not the extrovert I once was, and I loathe being in front of the camera, and the thought of staring at my own face for any period of time does not inspire me. However there were some truly fascinating self portraits done by others in the course, and they are not close ups at all………..perhaps I will try again soon.

Til next time, enjoy……….