A little Spark for your Thursday…

Last week I posted about an artistic collaboration between myself and Leslie Noyes Images and Imaginings, well we have been busy creating a few more Spark presentations; here is a new one

Meditation Song

Julie Powell_Floating on Inspiration_2000

I am the tuning fork, a shimmering frisson of vibration calling the heart to harmony

I am also the rock, though, throwing ripples concentrically across once calmed waters

Peace and chaos vie for my soul, my meditation song pulled from the place of light

Spilling haphazardly across the courtyard where I tend tightly ordered rows of flowers

Regimental form forced on blood red roses contrary to their petals’ better nature,

Never certain which will win the day, tranquility or turmoil, I toil with hope and a smidgen of fear.

Original poem by Leslie Noyes

Til Next time, happy snapping

~ Julz

Someone Else’s Island

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Someone Else’s Island.”

Cape Tribulation

Wow that’ harsh, dumping your best friend on a hypothetical desert island?Personally I would normally have left them on a 5 Star Resort with:

1/ Pool Boys

2/ Room Service

3/ Gorgeous room overlooking the ocean

4/ Amazingly yummy (and diet conscious) cocktails

5/ Maybe a handsome hunk to share it with or failing that ME!

But if this is not going to be the case? OK! So I guess I would supply them with the following 5 items to keep them out of trouble:

1/ fresh water or the means to carry it.

2/ Rum! Lots of Rum! To start a massive bonfire to get rescued, ward off the chill, to stop from completely freaking out

3/ Hatchet / Axe, useful for all sorts of things, more firewood, coconuts, angry locals, hunting.

4/ Sun Block…………you can never be too careful

5/ A Satellite Phone to call for help when you have had enough!!

I know the last one was cheating, but this is my bestie we’re talking about! I would never want her to be stuck anywhere without me!

– Julz

Winning Streak – Blog/Photo 101 Wrap Up

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Winning Streak.”

Well I started both the Blog101 and Photo101 to hopefully help me further my education in blogging (I was very new and really did not know what to say or do). I was challenged in the writing part, and hopefully put up a few pieces of meaning; for at least myself.

I enjoyed the Daily Prompts, and I will try and continue to write something daily, However I must admit I found some topics particularly hard. The Photo 101, was a blast, Not only did I meet up with some amazing people, I got to play and learn a lot about my camera and photography in general. So I guess I really did post at least 1 every day, in some case more than once a day. I have learnt that almost everyone on the Blogosphere has something special to say and there are some amazing reads out there, as well as Photographers! We are all the same, we all want to write well, write meaningfully, share with a community and connect as human beings. I wish to say thank you to everyone who helped me, encouraged me or inspired me. Below are some of my favorite pics from Photo 101. These are some of my favorite images I shared from Photo 101

Even animals need to connect

Even animals need to connect

vertical wpid-1414988684005.jpg wpid-20141101_142509.jpg

Will continue to see all of you around the traps so to speak…….keep blogging and have a Happy New Year.

– Julz


My Cousin – A Poem

We all have that one eccentric relative who always says and does the strangest things. In your family, who’s that person, and what is it that earned him/her that reputation?

I once had a cousin named Jacqui,

Who most thought a little bit wacky.

She had a love of snakes and legless lizards

Who sadly ate her during a blizzard

And that was the end of wacky Jacqui

Sorry to most of my followers, that is really bad, poetry and limericks is obviously not my foray. However I am sure my cousin Jacqui thought it very funny, Yes she is still very much alive, and Yes she loves hers snakes!

– Julz



Golden Key

You’ve been given a key that can open one building, room, locker, or box to which you don’t normally have access. How do you use it, and why?

Every Sunday, as a kid, you were always dragged off the visit Aunty Edna, aka “The Old Lady down the street”. She was an old friend of your Grandma’s and your mother always told you it would be disrespectful not to keep visiting her, especially now Grandma was gone. You never understood why you had to go, as Aunt Edna was of the believe ‘Children should be seen and not heard’ era.

On those Sunday afternoons when your Mother and Aunt Edna were chatting you were often completely forgotten and left to aimlessly wonder around her rambling old house; just has time worn as Aunt Edna herself, with peeling paint and piles of old newspapers cluttered about. There was one door in the upstairs hallway, you must have walked past that door hundreds of times, it was always locked; you know because you always tried to turn the handle. You often wondered what was behind the locked door! Treasure, Pirates, Booty, Boogey Men, Mummies oh the imagination of a small child; it was limitless.

Now many years later and Aunt Edna has gone, you’ve just found out you have inherited her old house. You’ve been trying to clear out the house and get it ready for sale and you find a old key in the drawer of her writing desk. It was once a Golden Key, but now very rusty. Could it be? The very key for THAT door?  You suddenly find yourself standing before that door with a rusty, once golden key and shaking ever so slightly you turn the key in the lock. It is old and stiff and takes a bit of effort, there is squeaking sound as the key moves in the rusty lock. Slowly it starts to turn and then finally unlocks, you can get the door slightly ajar, the air smells musty and is chocked with dust. Slowly with great effort you manage to swing the door open, and as the light from the doorway finally manages to highlight a small room you notice that it is completely EMPTY!!!

As appointment washes over you, you come the realization that it is only a small cupboard and not really a room. Why it was kept locked all those years was a mystery, then you notice a faded piece of paper with writing on it; you take it into the light to better read the faded paper;

“The imagination of a child is the greatest gift I could ever give you”  Love Aunt Edna XOX

– Julz



Bad Day!

car_PuddleIt was a bright, crisp Spring morning; the sun had just risen and was adding a touch a warmth to what would have been an otherwise very chilly morning,  I decided to talk the dogs out for our walk.  Little did I know this was going to be a Bad Day!

It all started innocently enough, in their excitement to be off, the dogs managed to get me tangled up in the leads and I banged my shin on the coffee table. Hobbling along I stuffed my feet into my sneakers, only to discover one of the cats had left a little present….ewwwwww half a lizard. So I plucked that out and found an alternative pair of sneakers to wear, the ones which have a few holes that I usually on wear for gardening.

Of course I promptly stepped in a very large puddle from the overnight rains and my foot (of course the same leg I banged my shin) was now rather wet. So now sore and wet I continued on our walk, when I received a phone call from from daughter, to say that there was no hot water as the hot water system had just died.

So now I was getting a little distraught,  I was now getting cold, and wet and my leg hurt and I had no nice warm shower to come home to, it was at about this time, that a speeding car whizzed around the bend, completely soaking me in a spray of water from the gutter.

I stood there in total shock, some days you should just never get out of bed, and that is precisely where I went………..home to bed.

That’s it I Think I got all four!! – Julz

Failing that: “A speeding car, a phone call and a bright, crisp morning all walk into a bar, and confused the hell out of the barman…………..[insert tag line here].


Bad Signal

“I’m sorry. I should’ve told you months ago. Bye.”

This is from ihateketchup, I hope they don't:  mindhttps://ihateketchup.wordpress.com/category/misc/

This is from ihateketchup, I hope they don’t mindhttps://ihateketchup.wordpress.com/category/misc/

That was all I could make out from this garbled voice mail message,  Who is it from, and what is this about? I listen over and over, but still can’t quite make it out. The voice is familiar, but it just doesn’t  come to bear, like a person standing in the distance, surrounded by Fog. Who is It?

Is it someone I know, or just a wrong number? The voice calls to me, like something nagging just in the back of my mind; but I just can’t make it out. For days it haunts me, this kind of silly thing always frustrates me; “let it go” I tell myself, “but what if it is something important?” Who is It?

I have asked all my family and friends, no one knows, it wasn’t them. Of course I try to check the number, but of course it is Private, so I can’t call them back. Who is it?

To this day I still do not know, that was month’s ago, I guess if I don’t know now I never will, and it has not offered up any surprises either; maybe it was just another wrong number, after all?

– Julz


Literate for a Day

My Darling Chloe, you are my light, my life; of all my furry children no one has touched my heart as you have done. I know you love me unconditionally, just the manic greeting that I receive when I get home; the literal squeals of joy at my return. You love me on my best and worst days; you do not care if I lounge around the house in my PJs with no make up………..in fact you live for those days. You encourage me to eat junk food, as you love a little tit bit!

But please!!!!!! on this one day, can you explain why you maniacally bark at nothing at the front door, most times I cannot even see a cat, a bird or even an ant! Also why do have to try and scare every person who comes to the door or we meet on a walk? Let’s face it when push comes to shove I am the one protecting you…….you are too small to do much damage. Is this your attempt to say “This is my mummy, you cannot have any of her time……GO AWAY and leave us be”?

And please stop leaving puddles on the laundry floor, if you need to go outside,  wake me up like your brother Buddy does; Bark! you never shut up any other time, so why go silent at night? I don’t mind getting up, really I don’t.

I know your answer, I guess I have always known;

“Why, I love you Mummy, really I do. Let’s just go have another cuddle, then we will both feel better.”

I guess I would just love to hear your little voice say the words.

– Julz

Buyers, beware?

It’s a typical Spring Sunday afternoon,  I frequently spend it going through antique stores or junk shops; it always amazes me what people will through out. Even in this day and age, 2214, I can still find some buried treasure; just the morning I found an old computer tablet, it must be over 100 years old and with a little bit of fiddling around I managed to charge the batteries enough to access what was stored on there.

As I sit here going through various items on the storage device, it’s like opening up on someone’s private, secret world. A life filled with happy memories of family, friends, pets and holidays. Nothing had been removed, eveything was still intact, makes me wonder where did this person go. There are photos and journal entries, links for social interaction sites on this interweb thing people used to communicate and learn with. I cannot access these social interactions, but there is some screen captures of entries from special events like birthdays and weddings.

There is music stored on here, some of which are still considered classics today, some of which has not been heard of for a century. Some of it is intriguing,  and hauntingly beautiful.  Artist like Pink, Coldplay & Sting can still be heard today. Other arists I am now listening to like Train and others. Bach, Chopin and The Beatles will never change. I am unsure as to the digital quality and think that what we have now gives a clearer, crisper quality of sound.

There are curious games of sorts to be found, individual conquests or to be played in groups, strange digital optical effects and flashing lights, war like games and games of skill and logic. There are games to help with brain training and linguitic skills; was there a genetic problem back then? Or is it a social issue? Titles like Angry Birds, Bad Piggies, Bunny Shooter, Farm Heroes, Bubble Witch Saga & Candy Crush Saga. These games all have angry undertones and seem to be very mean to animals and cartoon characters alike.

This person used to communicate with other social members with forms of digital interaction; using terms I am unfamilar with, email, messenger, inbox me, blogs. They had there own language it would appear, part old english part droid; lol, omg, b4, cul8r and other baffling phrases. Was this a generation whom seldom spoke or wrote a proper language or was it a generation of people who felt the need to make things move at a quicker pace?


– Julz