Friday Fiction – Rapunzel – A story for a New Era

“Forget everything you ever read about Rapunzel, sure her parents were vain and stupid and essentially sold her to a witch for some salad herbs, I mean really? What if Rapunzel could re-write her story?”

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Friday Fiction – The Secret Garden

Don’t you wish you had a wardrobe like in Narnia, a magic mirror like Alice or even Terisa (Mordant’s Need and A Man Rides Through)? Lilly had none of these things either, but she had her secret garden

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Friday Fiction – Mythical Monsters

It was born out of the depths of time and memory, stone carvings of a mythical creature that once soared the heavens and brought its wrath down on those who deserved it. The Gorawl was made of the Gods doing, brought to life with a mere wish, a flight of fancy, Gods could be awesome like that.

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Friday Fiction – Hush My Child

He stood alone, the last of his kind, gentling cradling his child, the last hope for his people, now scared and hungry and too tired to go on. He felt much the same way himself, how did this come to pass? He stood surrounded by an army of faceless mechanoids, the air filled with smoke, and the buzz of a hundred thousand drones.

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Friday Fiction – Like a Moth to a Flame

A continuation of sorts from last week, same character, but many years later They always said she had the worst taste in men, she was like a Moth to a Flame for the bad boys. She had always managed to get herself out of too much trouble, until now. Now, they were suddenly flocking to…

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Friday Fiction – Waiting to be saved

Feeling a little bold after the 20 Day writing challenge and scoffing at my own whingeing about not writing more short stories, I have embarked on a journey to perhaps share some of my short stories, that have til now remained unpublished. Some are linked, some are not, but all have a particular piece of…

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Everyday Inspiration: Day 15 – Take a Cue

“Remember when we asked you to collect post suggestions from your readers? Write today’s post based on one of these ideas. If possible, mention the person who gave you the idea and link to their blog.” I know I just hit 50, but am I already slipping into my dotage? I honestly don’t remember asking…

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Everyday Inspiration, Day 4 – A story in a single image

We were given 4 images to choose from and to pick one to write about what it conjures for us, or from us. I am the queen of single image story telling…well I would like to think so. This image is no different, really, although I didn’t take the photo. Instead of letting the picture tell…

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A little Spark for your Thursday…

Another wonderful poem by Leslie Noyes and new original artwork from me

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Someone Else’s Island

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Someone Else’s Island.”

Cape Tribulation

Wow that’ harsh, dumping your best friend on a hypothetical desert island?Personally I would normally have left them on a 5 Star Resort with:

1/ Pool Boys

2/ Room Service

3/ Gorgeous room overlooking the ocean

4/ Amazingly yummy (and diet conscious) cocktails

5/ Maybe a handsome hunk to share it with or failing that ME!

But if this is not going to be the case? OK! So I guess I would supply them with the following 5 items to keep them out of trouble:

1/ fresh water or the means to carry it.

2/ Rum! Lots of Rum! To start a massive bonfire to get rescued, ward off the chill, to stop from completely freaking out

3/ Hatchet / Axe, useful for all sorts of things, more firewood, coconuts, angry locals, hunting.

4/ Sun Block…………you can never be too careful

5/ A Satellite Phone to call for help when you have had enough!!

I know the last one was cheating, but this is my bestie we’re talking about! I would never want her to be stuck anywhere without me!

– Julz