Early Evening Geraniums…

I decided to take the new Olympus Camera out for a spin in the gardens, it was early evening, twilight almost and the crickets were singing. Sitting in the back corner of the garden, enjoying a cuppa, I picked and placed some geraniums for the pop of colour. Of course my girl Chloe was there to keep me company.

I love Summer evenings and wish they would never end. So the camera performed adequately in low light, hand held on F/2.0 aperture. I think I am starting to get the hang of it…..still very different from my big Nikon DSLR, and the images are a little grainy. I certainly would not use it for a Wedding or Newborn shoot, but I think for things like still life and holiday snaps it is actually quite good.

I hope you have an amazing weekend…

~ Julz

WPC – A Good Match

I missed last week, no excuse, just never quite got around to it…….so now it’s time for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge – A Good Match

They always talk about “birds and bees”, shouldn’t it be bees and flowers? Glorious little worker bees, they do such a good job, without them no flowers (or fruit) and no honey..now there is A GOOD MATCHdsc_7109

Another good match……….a rare pic of me and hubby, I love this photo, it is real, it is us, no pretense, no fake smiles and that long suffering look (and smirk) at my smart arse comments is probably on hubby face more often than he realises!jr_s-balding

I hope you all have an amazing weekend, I know I plan on it!

~ Julz

A Dalliance with dahlias…

For my Friday Flowers I am going to feature my beautiful dahlias I picked up, direct from the market, the colour is amazing and the structure of the petals so intricate. I love getting a flower like this and studying, I mean really studying it.

I think I spent about 7-8 hours over 2 days shooting and shooting these wonderful flowers. I hope you enjoy them too. I know there is a lot of images, but I took so many more 🙂

~ Julz

Friday Flowers

As I have previously said I love a warm balmy summer evening and crisp early summer mornings…..the light is amazing, not quite cold and clear like winter, but soft and diffused. I grabbed my camera a few times; early morning and evening and grabbed some shots around my back garden

I used to love sitting on that bench seat, I now have a new zen spot, where I can sit out of the sun or rain and watch the coming and goings of insects, birds and fur babies. I can name most of the plants in our back yard, I picked them myself……..but I am not overly obsessive.

~ Julz


Still Life – Waratah

Desley and I recently spent an wonderful afternoon playing with these stunning Waratahs I managed to pick up; so structural and textural, and it allowed me to add to my Australian Native Botanical series I have been working on. Desley went all macro on hers (of course), I was happy to hang back a bit with my 35mm and 50mm.


Of course I snuck in one macro and a few still life, the wonderful white walls (don’t have that at my place) and soft timber table………….perfect with these pretties. She also had this cool copper wire with tiny teeny weeny LEDs, so cool. (P.S. I went and bought some too………Typo AUD$9.99)

We worked with some other flowers and things as well, I thought I would save them for another post.

~ Julz

52 Week Challenge – Week 39

Welcome back for another week of the 52 Week challenge, Week 39 is Spring. I purchased these gorgeous rose for some still life play and to me fresh flowers has Spring written all over it.


ISO 400, 35mm, F1.8, 1/320 second

I placed the single roses on white perspex, with a soft white background and spritzed with some water from a spray bottle to give that really fresh, dew drops, just cut look. I put them in several glass jars of different sizes and cut some of the stems to various heights to achieve the look I was after, here are some more shots from the same shoot.

Til next time, enjoy Spring, laugh and love and happy snapping…

~ Julz

52 Week Project – Week 17

Week 17, Still Life.

I thought I would cover off two items with one shoot. Week 31 for My Be Still_52 was hanging bottles and my Week 17 was Still Life. So I cut a fresh Grevillea blossom from my garden and put it in a small glass bottle, which I then tied with hemp string and had it hanging on a towel hook over some natural coloured linen. All against the brickwall on the back deck with that gorgeous afternoon light. Also suits Friday Flowers…………..enjoy.


ISO 250, 50mm, F/4.5, 1/200 Seconds

Til next time, have a great weekend, safe travels and happy snapping…